Members of DPU-Associates


Jo Beall

specialises in urban development and local governance; cities in situations of war and conflict; urban violence and human security; decentralisation and local government; formal and informal institutions in urban service delivery; traditional authorities in local governance; urban poverty; social exclusion; gender.
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Harry Dimitriou

principal areas of research, consultancy practice and teaching lie in the fields of urban land-use/ transport planning, urban transport policy and sustainable development, mega infrastructure planning and appraisal, the role of infrastructure in strategic national and regional development, and related institution building and capacity building.
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Edesio Fernandes

is a lawyer specialising in research and consultancy in land rights and urban and environmental law; land and urban planning, policy and management; informal land markets, regularisation and registration; constitutional law and human rights in developing and transition countries.
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Nigel Harris

specialises in urban and economic development; internal and international migration; urban economic analysis; urban metropolitan economic planning; managing the city economy; urban labour markets employment and poverty reduction.
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Eleni Kyrou

specialises in social and urban development; development of institutional policies related to gender equality and human rights; access to housing for low income population and informal settlers; and relief aid and post-conflict recovery.
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Desmond McNeill

is a development economist, specialising in foreign aid policy; sustainable development; multilateral organisations; the relationship between research and policy; development ethics; interdisciplinary research.
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Caroline Moser

is an urban social anthropologist specialising in social policy, urban poverty vulnerability, violence and youth exclusion; also, community participation, gender and development, the social dimensions of economic reform and informal settlements. Her current research includes asset accumulation and the gendered impact of international migration on urban labour markets.
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Babar Mumtaz

is a development economist/planner specialising in housing finance and urban management; housing policy formulation; housing project design; community-based and participatory development and local area planning; social, financial, economic and technical evaluation of projects and programmes; training and manpower needs assessment; development of training programmes.
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Geoffrey Payne

specialises in urban development, housing policy, land management, land tenure/property rights and project design issues in developing countries.
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Michael Safier

specialises in urban regeneration; intercultural co-existence and cosmopolitan development; urban conservation and heritage management; cultural industries and urban tourism; conflict mediation and reconciliation; post-conflict reconstruction and development; institutional capacity-building and training.
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Keith Sargent

specialising in the areas of economic development planning; institutional modernisation and capacity building in the public sector; good governance; donor coordination and aid harmonisation; project and programme appraisal and evaluation; post conflict reconstruction.
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Katja Schäfer

specialises in housing, urban development governance, planning and management; urban conservation; urban upgrading and reconstruction with emphasis on community-based participatory processes; institutional development and organisational capacity building in post-conflict situations and the context of emergency support, disaster mitigation and rehabilitation.
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Michael Slingsby

specialises in urban poverty reduction; urban planning and management; project management; community managed environmental improvements; human resource development; institutional development; governance; and, land economics.
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Anna Soave

specialises in integrated urban planning, revitalisation of historic quarters, upgrading of low-income/degraded areas and reconstruction with an emphasis on community-based participatory processes, hands-on training of young professionals, technical capacity building and institutional development.
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Patrick Wakely

specialises in urban governance and management; the formulation and management of low income housing policies and programmes with emphasis on community-based participatory processes; institutional and organisational capacity building and professional training for urban development and management.
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Louis Wassenhoven

specialises in teaching, research, writing and consultancy: Urban and regional planning, spatial sustainable development, territorial governance, urban redevelopment and regeneration, planning theory.
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