Patrick WAKELY

Urban governance and management; the formulation and management of low income housing policies and programmes with emphasis on community-based participatory processes; institutional and organisational capacity building and professional training for urban development and management.
Country experience
India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Indonesia, South Pacific; Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Palestine (Gaza); Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, South Africa, Namibia; Colombia, Jamaica.
English (mother tongue), Spanish (basic).
Educational and professional qualifications
Member, Sociedad Interamericana de Planificación
Associate, Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)
AA Diploma
AA Certificate in Tropical Studies


Independent consultant; Co-ordinator, DPU-Associates
Professor Emeritus of Urban Development in the University of London

Co-Editor ‘International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development’, Taylor and Francis, UK

Vice Dean, Faculty of the Built Environment, University College London
Professor of Urban Development in the University of London
Director, Development Planning Unit, University College London. Overall responsibility for the academic, training, research, consultancy and financial management of the DPU; its consultancy and advisory services (£1.2 million p.a.)
Chairman and Director of the Bartlett School of Development and Planning (BSDP). One of the three Schools of the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, the BSDP embraced the Bartlett School of Planning, the Development Planning Unit and the Bartlett Programme in Construction Management (disbanded in 2002).
Reader in Development Planning in the University of London
Senior Lecturer, Development Planning Unit, University College London: Director of the DPU post-graduate Diploma course "Urban Planning Practice", an intensive professional and technical training to middle level staff of urban planning agencies, development authorities, etc from developing countries. Director of intensive, short training programmes in "Housing Policy Formulation and Implementation" and "Sites and Services Project Design and Evaluation" for senior professional and managerial staff of housing ministries and departments.
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Estate Management, Oxford Polytechnic (now Oxford Brookes University) Responsible for a postgraduate study option on design and planning for conditions of radical or rapid social change. Member of the Oxford Disasters and Shelter Unit.
Lecturer (part time), Architectural Association Graduate School, London: Responsible for a seminar on Shelter and Housing in the Rapidly Growing Cities of the Third World.
UNDP/UNCHS Director of Sri Lanka Urban Development Authority (UDA) and University of Moratuwa Post-graduate Diploma Programme in Urban Development: Responsible for all aspects of setting up and conducting a one-year multi-disciplinary training course in Urban Development.
Profesor, Facultad de Arquitectura, Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia: Responsible for courses on urban design and urban struc-ture for senior architecture students.
Director of DPU Extension Services, Development Planning Unit, University College London: The Extension Service, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, ran short intensive courses on urban housing in schools of architecture and planning and institutes of public administration in rapidly growing cities of the Third World. Courses were conducted in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Iraq, and Kenya.
Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of the Development Planning Unit, University College London: Responsible for the post graduate Diploma course in Development Planning. Following the transfer of the Unit from the Architectural Association to University College London, the course structure and options changed little (see below) though more emphasis was laid upon development planning than upon physical design.
Deputy Head, Department of Development and Tropical Studies, Architectural Association, London: Responsible for the running of all the post-graduate courses of the Department, with options in Urbanisation Planning, Urban Housing, Educational Planning and Building, and Design and Planning Education.
Senior Tutor, Department of Development and Tropical Studies, Architectural Association, London: Responsible for a post-graduate course in Educational Planning and Building for architects and educational administrators from Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Visiting Lecturer, Department of Architecture, National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan.
Lecturer, Faculty of Architecture, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana: Responsible for design studio and the teaching of building construction to second year students of architecture.

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Liberia, Sierra Leone.Final evaluation of the Cities Alliance Preparatory Grant projects for the development of slum upgrading policies and implementation strategies for Monrovia and Freetown, including recommendations (Cities Alliance).
Syria. Lead consultant to the Informal Settlements Improvement component of the Syria-Germany Sustainable Urban Development Programme in Aleppo (retained on medium-term contract), responsible for its design and direction, which includes the preparation of a municipal policy and implementation strategy for informal settlements, proposals for legislative and procedural changes and the identification and management of pilot demonstration projects based on community-led participation (GTZ).
Syria. Assessment of problems and potentials of informal settlements in Aleppo with outline recommendations for Phase 2 of the Syria-Germany Sustainable Urban Development Programme (GTZ).
Sri Lanka. Study of land tenure and titling in under-served settlements in Colombo as part of the Global ‘Focus Cities’ Project, embracing a review of relevant legislation, current formal procedures and informal practices, and proposals for the administration of an ‘incremental tenure’ system designed to capture land values whilst making secure title accessible to low-income households and communities. (IDRC, Canada).
Afghanistan. Advisor to the Ministry of Urban Development on building the capacity of the Ministry to build the capacity of municipal authorities, including proposals for the establishment of a partnership between the Ministry and the University of Kabul for the provision of an incremental modular degree/diploma programme in urban planning and management (UN-Habitat).
Sri Lanka. Review of the 1998 and 2004 development plans for the Greater Colombo Metropolitan Region for the Ministry of Urban Development (Sri Lanka Govt).
Sri Lanka. Advisor to the Minster for Urban Development and Water Supply on the development of a National Human Settlements Reconstruction Policy, with particular emphasis on informal settlements and procedures for returnee communities to the Coastal Protection Zone following the December 2004 tsunami. (UN-Habitat)
Sri Lanka. Advisor to the Minister of Housing and Construction Industry on the development of a framework for a National Housing Policy. (UN-Habitat)
Southern Sudan. Team Leader for Southern Sudan Urban Study to assess the absorptive capacity of urban areas following the signing of the CPA. Policy recommendations for land legislation, planning and management procedures, infrastructure development and HR capacity building. Emphasis on urban economic regeneration, social justice and the administration of urban services. Design of a National Urban Development Framework. (UNDP)
South Africa. Advisor to Ibis (Danish NGDO) Southern Africa Regional Programme with emphasis on support to the Coalition of the Urban Poor (emerging social movement) and the Community Organisation Urban Resource Centre based on an evaluation of the Ibis/DANIDA support to the South African Peopled Dialogue and Homeless People's Federation. (DANIDA)
International. Evaluation and forward looking assessment of the UNDP/UN-Habitat Urban Management Programme (UMP) Phase IV and recommendations for its extension as the Urban Millennium Partnership to promote and build capacity for localising the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in urban areas. (UNDP)
Cambodia. Team leader for ADB study of Integrated Urban Social Service Provision for the Urban Poor in Cambodia. The study based on 1,700 sample household survey of informal settlements in Phnom Penh and three provincial towns and make proposals for the integrated delivery of local education and health services and the management of water, sanitation and other infrastructure by community-level organisations. (ADB)
International. Leader of the DPU team commissioned to undertake the first Independent Evaluation of the Cities Alliance: "An Assessment of the First Three Years", which was presented to the Consultative Group of multi-lateral and bilateral donors and associations of local governments. (Cities Alliance)
International. Co-ordinator of the research and drafting of the UN Global Report on Human Settlements 2003: The Challenge of Slums, which entailed commissioning, supervising and editing 37 city case studies, as well as writing 2 of the 6 chapters of the report. (UN-Habitat)
Ghana. Retained by Ibis-Denmark to monitor and evaluate the DANIDA-funded Public Participation in Local Governance programme that supports the interface between the decentralised District/Municipal Assembly structure and civil society organisations. (Ibis)
UK. Director of the DPU research and editorial team that produced "Sustainable Urbanisation: Bridging the Green and Brown Agendas", a book of text and 74 international case studies, for DFID/UN-Habitat, prepared for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg. (DFID)
Cambodia. Institutional development advisor to the UNDP/UNCHS/DFID Phnom Penh Urban Poverty Reduction Programme, responsible for advising on governance and management structures and processes based on public, private partnerships to strengthen low income urban community organisations. (UNDP/UNCHS)
UK. Director of the DPU research and editorial team that produced "Implementing the Habitat Agenda: In Search of Urban Sustainability", a book of text and international case studies, for DFID/UN-Habitat, prepared for the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Human Settlements (Istanbul+5), New York. (DFID)
Brazil, Kenya, Sri Lanka. Director of an applied research project, funded by DFID, to examine channels and processes of communication between low-income urban communities and municipal authorities and to identify practical approaches to improving understanding and knowledge transfer in processes of administrative decentralisation. (DFID KaR)
Sri Lanka. Team Leader of a project formulation mission for UNCHS (Habitat) and Japan Bank for International Co-operation (JBIC) for the development of a strategy and implementation plan for local environmental management through a system of CBOs in Colombo. (JBIC/UNCHS)
Ghana. Consultant to Ibis-Denmark to undertake the identification and appraisal of a sustained (5 year) project in Ghana for support to the development of local government and civil society co-operation in urban management and administration in an informal settlement (Ashaiman, Tema). (Ibis)
Tanzania. Consultant to the Ministry of Regional Administration and Local Government on the implementation of the national Sustainable Cities Programme and the development of a training programme for it. (British Council)
Palestine. Advisor to the DANIDA Support to Municipal Development and Management in the Gaza Middle Camp Area on the development of community-based management of urban infrastructure and housing and on the development of decentralised municipal management and communication systems. (DANIDA)
India. Director and Principal Researcher of a two-year DFID research project on Community Learning, Information and Communication (CLIC) jointly run by the DPU, GHK Research and Training and the Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centres (SPARC), Mumbai. (DFID KaR)
EU. Co-Director of a joint project (DPU and IHS Rotterdam) to develop an Urban Development Co-operation Policy for the European Commission (DGs VIII and IB) and Guidelines for its implementation. (EC)
Indonesia. Team member of UNDP/UNCHS Mid-term Evaluation of the Implementation of Enabling Strategy for Shelter Development in Indonesia.(INS/94/003) which supports the implementation of institutional structures for integrated housing, poverty alleviation and income generation programmes at national, provincial and local levels. (UNDP/UNCHS)
S and SE Asia. Team leader for the Terminal Evaluation of the Urban Management Programme for Asia and the Pacific, a three-year programme that co-ordinated the UNDP Asia Pacific 2000 (AP2000), the World Bank Metropolitan Environmental Improvement Programme (MEIP), the UN ESCAP CityNet and Regional Urban Capacity Building programme, and the UNCHS/UNDP Urban Management Programme (UMP-Asia). (UNDP)
Palestine (Gaza). Consultant to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA) to appraise and prepare a capital aid and technical co-operation programme for Support to Municipal Development and Management in Gaza. (DANIDA)
Namibia. Consultant to Ibis (WUS-Denmark) to evaluate the Ibis Urban programme in Namibia and to prepare a Programme Document for the period 1997-2000. (Ibis)
Thailand. Adviser to the UN ESCAP on the Future of Urban Policies in Asia and contributor to the Second Session of the Asian Urban Forum, Bangkok, February 1996. (UN ESCAP)
India. Retained as consultant to Housing International for the establishment of a Professional Development Centre in the Maharashtra Housing and Urban Development Authority (MHADA) and for the design and monitoring of its training courses (ODA).
Jordan and Pakistan. Consultant to the Aga Khan Trust for Culture to evaluate the Aga Khan Programme for Islamic Architecture support to Harvard/MIT Parallel Centres in the University of Jordan and Dawood College, Karachi. (AKTC)
Yemen. Consultant to GTZ (German Technical Assistance Service) to prepare a training needs assessment and national training strategy for urban development and environmental management in the Republic of Yemen. (GTZ)
Namibia. Retained by Ibis/DANIDA as consultant to for the preparation and monitoring of the Oshakati sqatter upgrading project, and as adviser to the Namibian Ministry of Local Government and Housing on the implementation of the "Build Together" National Housing Programme. (Ibis)
UK. Appointed Director of the Urban Management Consortium (consisting of the DPU, UCL; Development Administration Group (DAG), University of Birmingham; Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC), Loughborough University of Technology) to provide professional and training support services for the World Bank/UNDP/UNCHS Urban Management Programme Phase 2 (1992-97). (ODA)
Egypt. Preparation of a regional round-table conference and policy seminar on Training Needs in Urban Finance and Management for Arab States for UNCHS (Habitat) and World Bank, and Moderator (Chairman) of the seminar held in Cairo. (World Bank/UNCHS)
Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Philippines and Indonesia. Team leader of Evaluation of the Government of Finland/UNCHS (Habitat) Support Programme for Preparing National Shelter Strategies. (FINNIDA)
Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Yemen. Consultant to UNCHS (Habitat) and World Bank on training needs for municipal finance and management in Arab States. (World Bank/UNCHS)
Ghana. Team leader of DPU consultancy for UNDP/UNCHS (Habitat) project to prepare a Non-Conventional Shelter Strategy for the Government of Ghana, Ministry of Works and Housing. (UNDP/UNCHS)
Ghana. Conducted preparedness training workshop on Institutional Development for the Shelter Sector in Ghana for UNDP/UNCHS (Habitat).
India. Adviser to the ODA and British Council on training needs to support the British Government aid programme to urban slum improvement in India and Director of the India SIP Management Training Course (held partly in London and partly in Hyderabad).
Sri Lanka. Housing Consultant member of ODA Team of Experts to set terms of reference for the deployment of £20 million aid package to Sri Lanka pledged by the British Government for rehabilitation and reconstruction in the North and East of the country at the cessation of hostilities.
Jordan. Consultant (contracted by Halcrow Fox Associates) to run a training programme on shelter project preparation for the Jordan Urban Development Department, Amman as a component of the World Bank Jordan Urban Development Project 2.
Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt. Consultant to the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS)/ United Nations Development programme (UNDP) to advise on the principal training needs and resources for the management and development of human settlements in Arab States and on the establishment of an Arab Regional Training Centre for Human Settlements to be set up in Amman.
Sri Lanka. Member of the ODA funded DPU team advising the Sri Lanka National Housing Development Authority (NHDA) on the implementation of the "Million Houses Programme" and Director of the DPU/NHDA programme of training workshops. This has entailed major restructuring of the national housing agency for the implementation of radical policy changes (from traditional housing provision programmes to the administration of a decentralised support system for local and individual initiative). The programme has latterly entailed the management of £150,000 of capital aid for demonstration projects.
India. British Council TETOC (Technical Education and Training Operations and Consultancies) consultant to Madras Metropolitan Development Authority to conduct a training workshop on Community Development and Shelter Projects for professional and administrative staff of government bodies and voluntary agencies. UK. Organised a 3-day international symposium in the Implementation of a Support Policy for Housing Provision held at the DPU and attended by delegates of the principal multilateral (World Bank, EEC, ILO, IIED, WHO, UNICEF) and bilateral (US AID, ODA, CIDA, GTZ, Danida, Netherlands) agencies with technical co-operation and aid programmes in the field.
Colombia. Consultant to UK Overseas Development Administration advising the Colombian National Coffee Growers' Federation on the development of a national rural housing policy.
South Pacific. Consultant to UN Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) to identify and advise on human settlement related training projects in the South Pacific.
Solomon Islands. UNCHS consultant to the Government of the Solomon Islands responsible for the design of a programme of on-the-job training for Environmental Development Officers (sub-professional planning technicians) who will staff the Provincial Area Planning Units of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.
Sri Lanka. United Nations Education and Training Adviser responsible for all training activities of the Sri Lanka Urban Development Authority, the principal component of which was the design, establishment and running of a one year graduate diploma programme in the promotion, control and management of urban development.
Jamaica. Consultant to the World Bank to assess progress on the Jamaica sites and services and squatter upgrading programmes and the Kingston Metropolitan Growth and Management Study.
S and SE Asia. Adviser to the British Ministry of Overseas Development reviewing the operation and training requirements of urban planning and housing agencies, and of schools of planning, architecture and public administration in India, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
International. Member of a DPU team that developed an intensive project-based workshop course on the design of buildings in tropical and arid climates which was conducted in schools of architecture in the UK, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, India, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Iraq.
Ghana. Research for the Ministry of Education, Ghana, into the primary school building needs of the country and to develop a school building system with recommendations for contractual and construction procedures and organisation at a national level. A prototype was constructed.
Ghana. Research for the Ministry of Fuel and Power, Government of Ghana, into the social, economic and physical conditions of thirty villages in potential resettlement areas of the Bui Hydroelectric Dam project.
Ghana. For the Ministry of Social Welfare and Community Development, Government of Ghana, undertook an enquiry into their programme of rural amenity building in the Upper Region, and made recommendations for its improvement.

Delegations and Committee Memberships

  • Member of the Board of Directors of Global Urban Development (2007-Present)
  • Ove Arup Foundation Fellow and Visiting Professor in the University of Cape Town (2006-07)
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the United Nations Human Settlements Research Network (2004-07)
  • Member of the UK Delegation to the first UN World Urban Forum - WUF, Nairobi, Kenya (2002), WUF2, Nairobi, Kenya, WUF3 Vancouver, Canada (2006), WUF5 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2010) as Special Guest of the UN-Habitat Executive Director
  • Invited participant and presenter to the first World Bank Urban Research Symposium, Washington DC, USA (2003) and the second World Bank Urban Research & Knowledge Symposium, Barcelona, Spain (2012)
  • Member of the United Kingdom Delegation to the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Human Settlements (UNGASS Istanbul + 5) and Facilitator to the UNGASS Thematic Committee (2001)
  • Member of the United Kingdom Delegation to the Thirteenth (1991), Fourteenth (1993) Sixteenth (1997) Seventeenth Sessions (1999) of the United Nations Commission on Human Settlements
  • Member of the UK Delegation to the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II), Istanbul 1996
  • Member of the Management Committee and of the United Kingdom National Council for Habitat II (UN Conference on Human Settlements - "The City Summit" - Istanbul 1996)
  • Member of Board of Directors and of the Projects Committee of Homeless International (a company limited by guarantee and registered charity) 1988-97

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