Urban and economic development; internal and international migration; urban economic analysis; urban metropolitan economic planning; managing the city economy; urban labour markets employment and poverty reduction.
Country experience
India, Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Korea Mexico, Brazil, Colombia Egypt, South Africa
B.A. Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Magdalen College, Oxford
M.A. Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Magdalen College, Oxford
Ph.D. London School of Economics (thesis: The economic and industrial policy of the British Conservative Party, 1945-1964)


Chairman, Migration Commission,
Royal Society of Arts, London
Senior Policy Consultant (international migration), European Policy Centre, Brussels.
Emeritus Professor of the Economics of the City, London University
Professor of Development Planning, University of London Director: DPU M.Phil/PhD. programme Director: DPU MSc. Programme in the Economics of Urbanisation and Managing the City Economy.
Director, Development Planning Unit, University College London
Responsible for the overall academic, financial and administrative work of the Unit in London and abroad, with special responsibility for: (a) Ph.D. students; (b) short courses on industrial policy and on economic planning for metropolitan areas in developing countries; (c) economic inputs into all other courses.
Senior Lecturer, and subsequently, University of London
Reader in Development Planning, Development Planning Unit, University College London.
Research Fellow (Ministry of Overseas Development), Queen Elizabeth House University of Oxford
Topic: Planning the economy of Bombay.
Deputy Director, Centre for Urban Studies, University College London, and Director of Postgraduate Studies
(including a course for aid-supported graduates from developing countries on urbanization in developing countries).
Lecturer, University of York.
Lecturer in South-East Asian Studies, IC University, Mitaka, Tokyo.
(i) Research Fellow, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta
(topic : Problems in the formation of an industrial labour force).
(ii) International Editor, The Economic and Political Weekly, Bombay;
and correspondent for The Economist, London, Far Eastern Economic Review, Hong Kong, etc..
Second Lieutenant, Sherwood Foresters, and Queen's Own Nigeria Regiment (Royal West African Frontier Force).

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Iran. Consultant to the World Bank consultant for: (i) the preparation of terms of reference for the city development strategies for three cities; and (ii) 'measuring city competitiveness'
World Bank. Consultant to the World Bank on (i) Conference on Development Economics; (ii) the organisation of the CEP/Bank workshop on Migration and Development. DFID. Preparation of a paper (with Frank Ellis) on New thinking about urban and Rural Development, DFID workshop DFID. Preparation and conduct of a project for internal instruction DFID officials on The impact of the Reform of International Trade(Doha Round) on Urban and Rural Change in developing countries
UK. Evaluation of the Economic and Social Research Council (UK). Cities Programme Indonesia. Economic Profile of the Province of Jogyakarta (Indonesia) for the Provincial Government. Washington. Keynote address to the USAID Retreat, Washington DC.
International. Evaluation of the Cities Alliance: "An Assessment of the First Three Years", which was presented to the Consultative Group of multi-lateral and bilateral donors and associations of local governments. (Cities Alliance) International. Lecturer for the World Bank Institute in) Jaipur, India and Brasilia
Eastern Europe. World Bank mission to cities in eastern Europe - Prague, Budapest, Sofia, June 2000, and chair, World Bank-IMF, Cities Panel, Prague, Sept. 2000. Brazil. World Bank mission to Bahia State to prepare economic development strategy Morocco. World Bank presentation on New Towns in the Arab region, Agadir
International. Two-year appointment as part-time consultant to the World Bank with missions to: (i) Washington DC; (ii) Cali, Colombia to develop a City Development Strategy; (iii) EDI Training Programme for Mayors, etc.
Vietnam. Consultant to World Bank Urban Division (TWURD) for Sector Mission, and Ha Long Bay Workshop.
World Bank. Consultant to the Global Urban Unit (Urban Partnership), for the preparation of workshops and general advice, preparatory to the formulation of a new Bank urban strategy and invited to address the World Bank Urban Forum (Infrastructure Sector Board/Learning and Leadership Centre, (Economic Development Institute) Taiwan. Formulation of an economic concept plan for Keelung Port (RSP Singapore and Keeling City)
Myanmar. UNCHS-UNDP, mission to identify an economic perspective on the development of settlements, a preparatory document for the second United Nations conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II), Istanbul, June 1996
Bangladesh. Evaluation of the Structure Plan for Dhaka, Urban Management Program, Egypt. Design of the terms of reference and act as judge for an international competition for a regional development plan for the region of southern Sinai, Government of Egypt South Africa.: Appraisal of the potential for development planning. KwaZulu Natal, ODA (UK)
Australia. OECD commission to prepare two papers for Cities and the New Global Economy, OECD/Government of Australia conference,Melbourne. Colombia. Advice on the development of export-oriented services for Bogotá and a Free Trade Zone. Araujo Ibarra Asociados, Bogotá South Africa. P reparation of Urbanisation in Developing Countries : A World Overview, Urban Foundation
International. UNCHS-UNDP-World Bank, keynote address to the Urban Management Programme, Workshop for the Arab Region International. Paper on urban economic development in Europe five case studies, for seminar for the Mayor and staff of the city of Warsaw, USAID/Urban Land Institute (Washington) Taiwan. Ilan County, Taiwan : formulation of an economic concept plan for the Ilan county (RSP Singapore and Ilan County authorities). India. Team leader, British Overseas Development Administration study of the Labour Market of Cuttack, Orissa India. Adviser on the development of urban economic research, Bombay; on the setting up of Bombay First, 1994-95.
Egypt. World Bank Urban Sector Policy Review, Cairo. Mexico. Research Workshop for officials of the State of Mexico on the urban and regional implications of the North American Free Trade Agreement, Toluca.
Nepal. World Bank-UNDP mission on the Economic Contribution of the Nepalese urban sector, Kathmandu. Mexico. Mission to the Mexico-US borderon the economy of the Mexican border cities, Cd.Juarez/Washington International. UNDP, New York and Nairobi, consultant, to draft the UNDP position paper on the urban environment for the UN Conference on Environment and Development, Rio de Janeiro, 1992.
India, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, China, South Korea, etc.


  • University of California at Los Angeles, 1989.
  • University of Hong Kong, 1990.
  • El Colegio de México, January 1994.
  • American University in Cairo, academic year 1998-99.
  • Keio University, Tokyo, June/July, 2000.


  • M.A.(Development Studies), University of East Anglia, 1985-1990.
  • M.Sc., University of Hong Kong, 1988-91.
  • Ph.D.(occasional) Universities of Birmingham, Stirling, Calcutta, East Anglia, Cambridge.

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