Areas of specialisation / focus

Public sector reform (PSR) / institutional modernisation and capacity building

Good governance / anti-corruption and integrity

Socio-economic development and stabilisation planning

Donor coordination and aid harmonisation

Programme and project appraisal and evaluation

Fragile states

Country Experience
South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Uganda, Nigeria, South Sudan;
Iraq (Kurdistan and the South), Kuwait, Afghanistan;

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Russia;

Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong/China, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea;

Australia, Fiji, Solomon Islands;

Bahamas, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos Islands.

English (mother tongue)

Educational and professional qualifications

B.Sc.(Hons) Business Mathematics

M.A. Environmental Planning

Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Member of Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House)

Professional registrations

UNDP Crisis Prevention and Recovery Roster of Consultants, and

UK Government’s (DFID/FCO/MoD supported) Stabilisation Unit (SU) - formerly the Post Conflict Reconstruction Unit (PCRU) - Register
[Heightened Emergency and First Aid (HEFAT) and Hostile Environment Awareness (HEAT) trained, and security (SC) cleared]


2013-to date
Supervisor and member of Expert Panelfor MSc in Security, Conflict and International Development, at University of Leicester. Panel member details can be seen at:
2011-to date
Speaker and Chair
of Anti-Corruption Seminar Programmes at the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies, London, and occasional speaker on Health, and Post Conflict Resolution, Transformation and Peace Building Programmes.

2000–to date
Independent Consultant working internationally with governments and their development partners.

Principal Consultant, Institutional Development Group, Crown Agents (within business centres of Economics and Finance, and Public Sector Management and Modernisation). Responsible for the management and coordination of and technical inputs to a portfolio of short and long term consultancy and technical assistance work, interfacing with multi and bi-lateral donors.

Independent Consultant and Manager of the Warwick Development Group, the University of Warwick. Reporting to Director of Warwick Research Institute, responsible for development of technical assistance work within the Group, co-ordinating across major departments of the University, (Warwick Research Institute closed in 1995 and Development Group disbanded).

Senior Economist, Economic Studies Group, Rendel Palmer and Tritton. Took specific responsibility for management and technical inputs to major technical assistance and consulting projects, co-ordinating across selected key divisions of the High Point Rendel Group.

Independent Consultant, including two year assignment as UNDP/UNDTCD Planning Advisor, Ministry of Planning, Economic and Manpower Development, Government of Lesotho, contracted to the Crown Agents.

Lecturer, Development Planning Unit (DPU), University College London (UCL).

Independent Consultant, including two year assignment as EEC/EDF Project Planning Advisor, Central Planning Office, Government of Fiji, contracted to the Crown Agents.

Pre 1980
See below for summary.

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South Sudan: Institutional Assessment of proposed Joint Donor Fund for the Health Sector. Funded by DFID and working to support the transition of health programmes for the the new Federal Republic, appraised the institutional concerns of government and donors (inc. DFID, the EC, CIDA, SIDA, AusAid and the Netherlands) proposing to contribute to a new Health Pooled Fund (HPF). Work included, but was not confined to, an appraisal of the institutions with which the health pooled fund would work; assessment of the governance framework for the fund and fund management; the development of a performance management framework; mechanisms in the HPF for building capacity; and, a rapid assessment of political constraints.

Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI): Director of TCI Integrity Commission. Appointed by HE the Governor of TCI to establish the executive arm of this new Commission; putting in place the systems, procedures and assets (human and physical, including IT) necessary for the processes of registration and evaluation of declarations of income, assets and liabilities of people in public life; undertaking compliance checks of declarants; advising on the robustness of legislation, conferring in so doing with the Attorney General and those undertaking constitutional reform; and, generally promoting integrity and the fight against corruption in the public life.

Turks and Caicos Islands: Governance and Public Sector Reform Advisor in Expert Team advising the Governor of Turks and Caicos on the development of the Interim Administration/Government. Following Commission of Inquiry findings into high level corruption allegations in the Islands, was assigned by the FCO to advise on public service reform and governance issues. Subsequent to an Order in Council and the withdrawal of primary constitutional powers by Westminster was firstly responsible for the restructuring of all government ministries and the assembly of their senior management teams. This was followed by provision of support and mentoring to the teams in their new front line roles; advising on integrity and anti-corruption measures; supporting the work of the Public Service Commission; and interfacing with the Commission of Inquiry’s Special Investigation and Prosecution Team. Subsequently reviewed and advised upon the development of the Attorney General’s Office, and advised upon the development of a new Integrity Commission, its executive arm and functions, and inter-relationships with other integrity pillars. Reported directly to HE the Governor of Turks and Caicos.

Nigeria: “Partnership for Transforming Health Systems 2, (PATHS 2) Inception Review”. Governance Team Leader on review of PATHS 2, a DFID funded programme aimed at developing good governance in the health sector. Contracted to DFID’s Health Resource Centre, undertook review across fours states – Enugu, Kano, Jigawa and Kaduna – as well as at National level in Abuja. Worked in partnership with other teams reviewing inter-linked programmes, including education, all addressing constraints to growth and progress on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in Nigeria.

South Africa: "Legislatures Support Programme, Final Evaluation" on behalf of the European Commission, (EC). Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor in four person team funded by the EC to evaluate a national programme of support to the National Parliament and nine Provincial Legislatures aimed at building effective institutions delivering on the vision of the Constitution. Specific focus was on measures taken by the National Assembly, and the Provincial Legislatures of Eastern Cape, North West Province and Limpopo to strengthen democracy and good governance.

Afghanistan: "Governance Advisor, Helmand Province", funded by UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, (FCO). Recruited through the UK’s cross-departmental (FCO, MoD, DFID supported) Stabilisation Unit; funded through the FCO’s Global Conflict Prevention Pool programme; and, deployed to Helmand’s Provincial Reconstruction Team, based in Lashkar Gar. Worked on wide ranging programme to establish provincial and district government, and stand-up line ministry departments. Task involved coordinating on governance issues across a range of stakeholders including the national government, Muslim faith leaders and the UK Military’s 'Helmand Task Force'.

North Korea (Democratic Peoples’ Republic): "Economic Management Training Scoping Mission" on behalf of the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs. In association with UNDESA Inter-regional Advisor undertook a short-term Mission appraising the requirements for DPRK human resource capacity building in the broad field of economic management. Institutions covered included those of the State Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance, the Foreign Trade Bank, the Bureau of Statistics, the economic and business English faculties of Kim Il Sung University and the business English faculty of Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies. Subsequent involvement in arranging economic management training for DPRK’s senior policy makers and mid-career professionals in cooperation with premier international academic institutions.

Bangladesh: "Financial Management Reform Programme", jointly funded by DFID and Royal Netherlands Embassy. Planning and Institutional Development Advisor contracted to Atos Consulting Ltd. on the planning component of major (£18 million value) assistance to the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to implement a Medium Term Budgetary Framework (MTBF), and develop the associated ICT infrastructure and human resource capacity. Specific responsibility taken for an assessment of the systems, processes and resources required for effective policy planning and monitoring to support the MTBF.

Kenya: "First Health Sector Annual Joint Review Mission and Review Summit", on behalf of DFID Health Resource Centre. Member of Joint Review Team (consultant team + representatives of government and development partners) appraising the progress / achievements of the Kenyan Ministry of Health in implementing the first year of the National Health Sector Strategic Plan. Particular responsibility was taken for the review of the human resource management and development aspects of the Plan at all levels of health service delivery; determining lessons learnt from implementation; and, advancing recommendations on future delivery.

Ethiopia: "Increasing the Profile and Productivity of the National Malaria and other Vector Born Disease Prevention and Control Programme", funded by Development Cooperation Ireland. Team Leader and advisor on institutional and human resource development, contracted to the Malaria Consortium, and advising the Federal Ministry of Health and development partners.

Bosnia: "Advisory Assignment on Aid Harmonisation and Donor Coordination", DFID funded. Advised the Government of Bosnia-Herzegovina and international development partners on matters of donor/aid harmonisation and co-ordination. Reporting to State Prime Minister Terzic particular focus was on organisational development of relevant State and Entity Ministries.

Bosnia: "Assistance to Donor-Government Consultative Group Meeting", DFID funded. Advised the Economic Policy and Planning Unit of the State Government of Bosnia-Herzegovina on the agenda for and issues to be addressed at a forthcoming international donor-government Consultative Group meeting.

Iraq: Advisor to the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), southern region, DFID funded. Member of a multi-national, multi-disciplinary team advising on the development of Iraq’s ministries with the aim of achieving sustainable government; the planning and development of major reconstruction projects; and the subsequent appropriate hand-over of work to the relevant Iraqi authorities at the time Iraq became a sovereign state, mid 2004. Primary concerns were meeting housing need, municipal planning, the creation of local planning capacity, and obtaining good governance. Awarded Service Citation.

Uganda: "Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Scoping Study", jointly funded by DFID and Ireland Aid. Institutional / Financial Advisor and Deputy Team Leader, contracted to the Malaria Consortium (a DFID Resource Centre formed by a consortium of the London and Liverpool Schools of Tropical Medicine) on a multi-disciplinary study to appraise the National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP). Responsible for review of institutional and manpower capacity of the NMCP; partner linkages; appraisal of programme funding; and contributions to the wider assessment of how to enable Abuja targets to be met.

UK: "Invest to Save Budget (ISB) Project Evaluations", on behalf of the UK Treasury. Member of SWQ Ltd Evaluation Team reviewing some 35 projects. Took specific responsibility for the evaluation of a ‘Prison-Courts Video Links Project’ in Northern Ireland, and an ‘Integration of Justice Project’ in Sussex, England. The evaluations covered the planning and implementation stages of projects involving member organisations of the Criminal Justice System.

Malawi: "Annual Review of DFID Support to the National Reproductive Health Programme", DFID funded. Member of DFID Review Team appraising sexual and reproductive health programme being implemented by government and NGOs. Responsible for review of institutional development and governance aspects, and contributing to three formal Output to Purpose Reviews.

China: "Guangzhou Tianhe, Science and Technology Park Feasibility Study", on behalf of Guangzhou City Authority and other major stakeholders. Member of SQW Ltd advisory team, responsible for organisational and management issues. Focus was on institutional structure; inter-relationships with research, higher education and industry; ownership options and financing; and management training requirements.

Malawi: "Institutional and Human Resource Development Mission", Ministry of Health and Population. DFID funded assignment in support of the Reproductive Health Programme, (two short term missions). Institutional Development Advisor contracted to John Snow International, working in association with Liverpool Associates in Tropical Health, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Responsible for institutional appraisal of the workings of the reproductive health sector at all levels.

Cambodia: "Technical Assistance in Improving UNFPA Contracts with NGOs, UN Agencies and Others". DFID funded assistance to UNFPA-Cambodia, (short term assignment). Institutional Development Adviser contracted to John Snow International. Reviewed policies and procedures of the UNFPA in relation to selecting agencies to undertake projects, forming contractual relationships, the formulation of project documents, and monitoring projects and programmes to ensure continuing executing agency performance.

Kosovo: "Arrangements for the Administration of Payments to Public Sector Workers". DFID (CHAD) funded programme on behalf of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission for Kosovo, UNMIK, (appraisal mission + short term assignment). On behalf of DFID, appraised the needs of UNMIK Pillar II in the transition from stipend to salary payments under new budgetary arrangements, and designed a programme to assist in the payment of salaries and allowances to public sector workers. Subsequently directed 12-person team in start-up phase of implementation programme.

Uganda: "Institutional Capacity Building Project - Legal Sector Component", World Bank funded and Ministry of Justice executed. Project Director and advisor on economic and financial matters, on project designed to formulate an investment / action programme for the long term development of a broadly defined ‘legal and administration of justice’ sector. Project took what was regarded as a pioneering approach, in that it was for the first time that ‘legal’ and ‘administration of justice’ agencies / sub-sectoral bodies (i.e. the judiciary, judicial services, police, prisons, probation services, human rights commision, etc.) were considered in a cohesive / integrated manner for developmental purposes.

Jamaica: "Institutional Appraisal and Strategic Review of the Jamaica Constabulary Force", (JCF), DFID funded. Project Co-Director and advisor on budgetary and financial management. With small team of senior UK police officers reviewed earlier studies of the Force, and assisted the formulation of a Corporate Strategy and associated implementation plans. The Project Team guided and advised the JCF Commissioner and his Senior Management Team, as well as selected local Expert Teams created to address sub-sectoral issues ranging from community policing and scene-of-crime analysis, to capital and recurrent budgeting. The project laid the basis for a commitment by DFID to further fund a Five Year Development Plan for the JCF.

Bosnia: "Tuzla Regional Development Project", Government of Tuzla Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina, UK Know How Fund funded. Project Director on this multi-disciplinary study designed to assist the Canton Government and municipal governments within the Canton identify their Technical Assistance and capital project priorities, and to formulate terms of reference and costed proposals for submission to aid donors for funding. Areas of concern included development of local government, private sector development, and housing and municipal infrastructure, with especial consideration for refugees and displaced persons.

Bosnia: "Advisor to the State Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina", ODA funded. Advised PM Muratovic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on matters relating to the Economic Reform and Reconstruction Programmes. Particular foci of attention included aid-donor co-ordination, project preparation and the development of (selected) new institutions set up under the Dayton Peace Agreement. Assistance was also provided in the establishment of World Bank Project Management Units.

UK based: manager on a variety of major projects including for the provision of Economic Advice to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Republika Srpska, (DFID funded).

Uganda: "Transport Policy and Planning Project", Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications. World Bank executed, UNDP funded. Project Manager and Institutional Development Advisor, responsible for, inter alia, the formulation of proposals for Ministry restructuring; the definition of departmental roles and responsibilities in the field of planning; selected training; and the development of an incentive payment scheme.

Bahamas: "Nassau Port Relocation Appraisal", for the Ministry of Works, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank. Member of multi-disciplinary team, advising on socio-economic aspects of major Benefit-Cost Analysis.

Malaysia: "Flood Mitigation Scheme Appraisal", for the Sarawak State Planning Unit. Member of multi-disciplinary team, advising on socio-economic aspects of major Benefit-Cost Analysis.

SADC Region: "Tourism Product Appraisal Study", SADC executed, CFTCD funded study. Responsible for management of start-up phase of this study, aimed at assisting development of the tourism market in SADC countries.

Indonesia: "Marunda Container Terminal and Balikpapan Coal Terminal Investment Appraisals", for private clients. Advised on economics of expansion plans.

Lesotho: Planning Advisor to Ministry of Planning, Economic and Manpower Development, UNDP funded / UNDCTD executed. Responsibilities included a comprehensive analysis of the day to day workings of the Ministry and inter-ministerial relationships in the field of planning and planning management. Advanced proposals for long term institution building, including mechanisms for the appropriate management and coordination of economic resources. Advised Government in negotiations with donors.

Kuwait: "National Transport Plan". Contracted to W. S. Atkins, undertaking project on behalf of Municipality of Kuwait. Responsible for socio-economic forecasting.

Solomon Islands: Overseas Development Administration (UK), Planning Advisor to the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, (short term assignment). Designed and ran a training workshop concerning physical and local planning, for physical planning technicians; wrote a training manual on the preparation of local plans; and advised the ODA on necessary, future technical cooperation related to planning.

Kuwait: "Southern New Town (Al Khiran), First Residential District Plan". Contracted to Shankland Cox Partnership working on behalf of Ministry of Planning. Responsible for socio-economic studies.

Fiji: Project Planning Advisor to the Central Planning Office, funded by European Development Fund. Responsibilities included the preparation of project proposals to obtain external funds; advising on Government - donor negotiations; a study of financing of `Statutory Bodies'; and assisting the development of systems and procedures for strengthening project cycle activities. Advised the Government’s Budget Coordinating Committee. Also, seconded to the Ministry of Transport to advise on regional transport and island development, ultimately presenting plans to the Fiji Cabinet of Ministers.

Hong Kong, "New Town Development Plan", commissioned by the Hong Kong Government. A major multi-disciplinary study for the H.K. Government involving the appraisal and design of a new town for 350,000 people in the New Territories. Contracted to the Shankland Cox Partnership, was responsible for the development of the population and employment forecasts for the town.

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Undertook range of socio-economic planning studies for Colin Buchanan and Partners, Consultant Planners, providing inputs to major national, regional and urban development plans, including:

Saudi Arabia (UK based): "Jubail Urban Community Project", for the Royal Commission for the New Towns of Jubail and Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Advised on Population and employment forecasting.

Kuwait: "National Housing Plan", for the National Housing Authority. Responsible for socio-economic modelling / forecasting of housing need and subsidy requirements.

Australia: "Brisbane Port Master Plan / Expansion Appraisal", for Brisbane Port Authority. Seconded to Rendel Palmer and Tritton. Undertook population and trade forecasting.

UK: "Telford New Town Transportation Study", for the Telford Development Corporation. Involved in computing aspects of transportation modelling.

UK: "Corby New Town Master Plan Review", for the Corby Development Corporation. Involved in appraising alternative development strategies for the town’s expansion.

Iraq: "Northern Region Development Study", for the Ministry of Northern Affairs. Undertook demographic forecasts and pilot socio-economic surveys in the Northern Muhafhadas (Kurdistan).

UK: "West Central Scotland Plan, Glasgow Sub-regional Study", for the Scottish Development Department.


Development Planning Unit (DPU), University College London (UCL). Taught on Post Graduate Diploma and MSc courses in Urban Development Planning. Primary subjects: ‘Project Planning and Appraisal’ and ‘Urban Management’. Also responsible for the development and direction of, and teaching on short courses for mid-career transport and planning professionals; and Acting Director of Overseas Training and Advisory Services; 1985–1986: responsible for direction and management of the DPU's training, advisory and consulting services overseas.

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  • Member of Governor’s Advisory Team, Turks and Caicos Islands, 2009-10.
  • Advisor to State Government’s Reconstruction Cabinet; and Member of Government - Donor Task Forces on Industry, and Employment and Training, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1996.
  • Member of National Settlements Policy Consultative Committee, Government of Lesotho 1989.
  • Member of Faculty Board and Examining Board for MSc in Urban Development Planning, UCL, 1987.
  • Advisor to Budget Coordinating Committee, Government of Fiji, 1982-93.
  • Member of Government Working Party analysing / formulating policy on closure and relocation of heavy industry, and advisor to Government Land Sub-Committee, Hong Kong Government 1981.


‘Re-thinking Post Conflict State Building: Developing Better Governance and Fighting Corruption – have we got it right‘.Paper presented to Security, Conflict and International Development Symposium, University of Leicester, March 2014

‘Institutional Appraisal for a Health Pooled Fund’. Report commissioned by DFID South Sudan on behalf of all donors proposing to contribute to a pooled fund to support health service delivery, including the EU, SIDA, CIDA, Australia Aid and the Netherlands Government, September 2011, (sole author).

‘The Attorney General’s Chambers: moving to a sustainable future’. Report to His Excellency the Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands, April 2010, (sole reviewer and author).

‘Inception Review: Partnership for Transforming Health Systems 2 (PATHS 2)”, Nigeria. Report on progress in the areas of governance and health systems delivery to DFID Nigeria and PATHS 2, on behalf of DFID Nigeria and the Ministry of Health, Nigeria.

'External Final Evaluation of the EC Funded Legislatures Support Programme'. Co-author of final report with Steven Tweedie and Ilan Lax (legislative experts) and Shelley van der Merve (civil society expert) advising the South African Parliament and nine Provincial Legislatures through the Speaker's Forum, and the European Commission.

'Planning Systems and Procedures', report for Financial Management Review Programme advising the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, funded by DFID and the Royal Netherlands Embassy.

'Economic Management Training for the Government of the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea', co-author of Scoping Report to the DPRK Government and UNDP, with Olympios Katsiaouni, Interregional Adviser, UN Department of Social and Economic Affairs.

'Identifying ways to Increase the Profile and Productivity of the Malaria (and other vector born disease) Control Effort in Ethiopia'. Editor and co-author with Tom White of Médecins Sans Frontières International. Report to Development Cooperation Ireland and the Federal Ministry of Health, Ethiopia on behalf of the Malaria Consortium.

'Aid Coordination: Development Options Report' Author of report to State Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and International Donor Partners (WB, EC, UNDP), funded by the UK's Department for International Development (DFID).

'Housing Need in the Southern Region of Iraq (meeting a fundamental for stability)' Paper presented to UN Habitat, Amman, Jordan, 28/04/04).

'Invest to Save Budget (ISB)* Final Evaluation - Sussex Integration of Justice Project' and 'ISB Final Evaluation - Prison Courts Video Links for Pre-Trial Hearings, (Northern Ireland)'. Contributions to the 'Evaluation of the ISB Programme: Final Report' a report by SQW Ltd submitted to the UK Treasury.

'Improving Contracting with NGOs and UN agencies'. Author of report to UNFPA Cambodia on behalf of John Snow International and funded by DFID.

'Institutional and Human Resource Requirements for Reproductive Health', co-author with T. Martineu of Liverpool Associates in Tropical Health**. Report to DFID and the Ministry of Health, Government of Malawi on behalf of John Snow International.

'Institutional Capacity Building Project, Legal Sector Component'. Contributor (and co-editor with Ben Odoki, Head of Judicial Services Commission [now Lord Chief Justice of Uganda]), Professor Patrick Mc Auslan and Professor William Twining of Final Report to Ugandan Government and World Bank.

The Invest to Save Budget has been used by the UK Government to catalyse projects that would not otherwise get undertaken, to promote innovation and joined-up partnership working, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery. The evaluation was designed to contribute to the understanding of how best to facilitate sustainable partnership working in the different areas of public service delivery and the role that the ISB plays in making improvements.

The consultancy arm of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.


  • ‘Service Citation’ for “Distinguished and Devoted Service” awarded by Coalition Provisional Authority for work in Iraq, 2004;
  • ‘Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal’ and ‘Civilian Service Medal (Afghanistan)’ awarded by the British Government, for work in 2004 and 2008 respectively.

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