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Global Poverty, Ethics and Human Rights: the role of multilateral organisations, with Asunción Lera St. Clair. Routledge.
Development Issues in Global Governance: Market Multilateralism and Public-Private Partnerships, (with B. Bull). Routledge.
Global Institutions and Development: Framing the World? (ed. with M.Bøås). Routledge.
Multilateral Institutions: A Critical Introduction, (with M. Bøås). Pluto Press.
Global Sustainable Development in the 21st Century, (ed. With A. Holland, K.Lee), Edinburgh University Press.
Manual for the Appraisal of Rural Water Supplies, London. Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO).
The Contradictions of Foreign Aid, London: Croom Helm.

Articles and Book Chapters

In press
Why should human rights issues be addressed by the World Bank? Some instrumental economic arguments in Poverty as a Violation of Human Rights – Economic Dimensions, Oxford University Press.
Ethics, Politics, Economics and the Global Environment in Climate Change, Ethics and Human Security, Cambridge University Press
The World Bank's Expertise: Observant participation in WDR 2006 Equity and Development in The anthropology of expert knowledge and professionals in international development, Berghahn Books.
What is Wrong with Aid? What is Wrong with Africa? in Forum for Development Studies.
International Policies and National Legislation Concerning Vicuña Conservation and Exploitation (with R. D’Arc and G. Lichtenstein) in The vicuña: the theory and practice of community based wildlife management, Gordon, I.J (Ed.) Springer-Verlag, Berlin.
Legalizing markets and the consequences for poaching of wildlife species: the vicuña as a case study”. With R. McAllister and I. Gordon, in Journal of Environmental Management.
'Human Development': the Power of the Idea, in Journal of Human Development.
Equity, Development and the World Bank: Can ethics be put into practice? in D. Malek, Sage, C and M. Woolcock (eds.) The World Bank Legal Review: Law, Equity and Development. Kluwer Law International.
The Ethics of Sustainable Development, in Sustainable Development and Global Ethics, C-H Grenholm and N Kameragrauzis (eds) Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis.
Social Capital or Sociality? Methodological contrasts between economics and other social sciences, in S. Ioannides and K. Nielsen (eds.) Economics and Social Sciences: Complements, Competitors, Accomplices? Edward Elgar Press.
The Spread of Ideas in Development Theory and Policy: a bibliometric analysis, in Global Social Policy. Vol 6, No. 3: 334-354
Multilateral Institutions: a critical overview, in D. Banik (ed.) Poverty, Politics and Development: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Fagbokforlaget, Bergen.
Development Ethics and Human Rights as the Basis for Poverty Reduction: The Case of the World Bank, (with A. St. Clair) in D. Stone and C.Wright (eds.) The World Bank and Governance: A Decade of Reform and Reaction. London: Routledge.
Vicuña and Fair Trade, in Laker, J. and Bonacic, C. (eds.) Towards sustainable management of vicuña in the Andes. Macaulay Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland. 30 -33.
Power and Ideas: economics and global development policy, in D. Stone and S. Maxwell (eds.) The Challenge of Transnational Knowledge Networks: Bridging Research and Policy in a Globalising World. Routledge.
Doing Interdisciplinary Research on Development and the Environment: Critical perspectives on SUM's experience. (with J. Garcia-Godos). SUM Report no. 11, University of Oslo.
"Private Sector Influence in the Multilateral System: a changing structure of world governance?" (with Benedicte Bull and Morten Bøås) in Global Governance.
"Social Capital and the World Bank" in Global Institutions and Development: Framing the World? (ed. with M.Bøås). Routledge.
"The Informal Sector: Biography of an Idea" in Global Institutions and Development: Framing the World? (ed. with M.Bøås). Routledge.
"Introduction: Power and Ideas in Multilateral Institutions: towards an interpretative framework" (with M. Bøås), in Global Institutions and Development: Framing the World? (ed. with M.Bøås). Routledge.
"Ideas and Institutions: who is framing what?" (with M. Bøås) in Global Institutions and Development: Framing the World? (ed. with M.Bøås). Routledge.
Interdisciplinary Research on Development and the Environment, (with J.Garcia Godos and A. Gjerdåker, eds.), SUM Report no. 10, University of Oslo.
"The Concept of Sustainable Development" in Global Sustainable Development in the 21st Century, A. Holland, K.Lee and D. McNeill (eds). Edinburgh. Edinburgh University Press.
"On Interdisciplinary Research: with Particular Reference to the Field of Environment and Development", Higher Education Quarterly, Vol 53, no.4.
"Market Ethics as Global Ethics", Forum for Development Studies. vol 26, no. 2.
"Water as an Economic Good", Natural Resources Forum, vol 22, no. 4.
Introduction (with H. Bøckman) to Special Section on the Crisis in Asia, World Development, August.
"Culture and the Environment: an unorthodox economic perspective", in Our Creative Diversity: a critical perspective. UNESCO Norway, Oslo
"Making Social Capital Work: an extended comment on the concept of social capital, based on Robert Putnam’s book", Forum for Development Studies, No. 2.
Consensus or consistency? The use of cost-benefit analysis in decision-making”, EMERGO: Journal of Transforming Economies and Societies, vol 3, no 4.
"Whose Lifestyle is it Anyway? Alternative economic approaches to the study of consumption", Notas Economicas, No. 6.
"Public Sector Housing Policy: a case study of ‘the numbers game’", Norsk GeografiskTidsskrift, 49.
"Sustainable Development in Nepal: A Practical and Moral Dilemma". Forum for Utviklingstudier.
"Alternative Interpretations of Aristotle on Exchange and Reciprocity". Public Affairs Quarterly.
"Reconsidering Value". Discussion Paper 5. Dept of Economics, University of Edinburgh.
"Regional Planners - Without Power or Purpose?"Regional Studies, Vol. 20 No. 6.
"Making Aid Projects More Suited to Local Needs", Centre of African Studies Monograph, University of Edinburgh.
"The Appraisal of Rural Water Supplies"World Development Vol 13 No. 10/11.
"Planning with Implementation in View" Third World Planning Review Vol 7, No. 3.
"Learning by Doing: World Bank Urban Lending 1972-82". A Review Article. Habitat International Vol IX, No.4
"The Changing Practice of Urban Planning". In S.Groak (ed.) 0tto Koeningsberger Festschrift: Action Planning and Responsive Design. Oxford: Pergamon Press.
Project Appraisal: A Short Course for Planners. Institute of Technology Bandung with University College London.
British Planners in the Canal Zone: the Lessons of Experience 1976-82 (ed. with S. Meikle). DPU Monograph No. 13. Development Planning Unit, University College London.
"The Saddest Story" Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford Vol XIII No. 1.
Counterpart Training (with M. Mattingly). DPU Monograph No. 11. Development Planning Unit, University College London.

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Papers presented 2005-6

Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands. “Ethics, Responsibility and Expertise in the Multilateral Development System”, EU-GARNET Workshop Nov 16 - 17. (With A. St Clair).

Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. “Global Institutions, Expertise and Poverty,” Paper presented at the Seventh International Conference on Ethics and International Development, Accountability, Responsibility and Integrity: The Ethical challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa and Beyond, July 19-22, 2006. (With A. St Clair).

New York University Graduate School. The Graduate Program in International Affairs and ACCID: "Culture and Development Ten Years On: Global and Local Perspectives" April 28th

Institute of Social Studies, The Hague. The Netherlands. “Multilateral Institutions, Ethical Discourses, and the Ascription or Avoidance of Responsibility: The Discourses of Human Development-Human Rights-Human Security”, EU-GARNET Workshop on Governance and the Politics of Development, April 6 -7, 2006. (With A. St Clair).

World Bank, Washington DC. “USA.Equity, Development and the World Bank: Can ethics be put into practice?” World Bank Legal Forum, Dec 1 -2, 2005,

UNESCO, Paris. “Does the Concept of Human Development Change Development Policy?” The 5th International Conference on the Capability Approach: Knowledge and Public Action. 11-14th September 2005.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway. “Global Institutions and Human Rights: Challenging Practices of Responsibility for the Eradication of Poverty” (with Asuncion St. Clair). Navigating Globalization: Stability, Fluidity and Friction. August 4 – 6, 2005.

Skalholt, Iceland. “Sustainable Development”. Nordic Conference on Sustainable Development and Global Ethics. 7 – 13 June, 2005.

Open Society Institute. “Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers: Lessons Learned”. LGI Biennial Jamboree for National Foundations and Professional Networks. Antalya, Turkey June 1-5, 2005.

Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. “Development Ethics and Human Rights as the Basis for Global Poverty Reduction: The Case of the World Bank” (with Asuncion St. Clair). Workshop for researchers on the World Bank. 1-2 April 2005.

University of Bergen, Norway. ”Ideas, Values and Multilateral Development Institutions: a personal view". 29th April, 2005.

GDN Annual Meeting, Dakar, Senegal. “Domestic Research and National Poverty Reduction Strategies”. GDN Workshop, January 2005.

Papers presented 2004

University of Leicester, Oxford University (Queen Elizabeth House), University of York, University of Edinburgh, Institute of Development Studies Sussex, University of East Anglia, Roskilde University Centre, University of Wageningen, University of Virginia, University of Moratuwa (Sri Lanka), Institute of Technology, Bandung (Indonesia), NFU (Norsk Forening for Utviklingsstudier) annual conference, EADI (European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes) triennial conference, EAEPE (European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy) annual conferences, The European Association of Environmental and Resources Economists (EAERE), ACUNS (Academic Council of the United Nations System) annual conference, World Bank, Inter-American Bank annual meeting, Global Development Network annual conference.

Evaluation Studies

Evaluation of the Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala. Team Leader, with Eduardo Archetti, Rie Odgaard, Nancy Frank. Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Evaluation of Norwegian Assistance to Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok with J. Lexow, Team Leader.
Is Swedish Aid Rational? A Critical Study of Swedish Aid Policy in the Period 1968-1993. With Helge Hveem. Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden. Ds 1994:75s.
An Assessment of the UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program. UNDP, New York. Team Leader for West Africa and East Africa.
The Women’s Grant: Desk Study Review (including case studies of the World Bank and UNIDO). With Janne Lexow, Team Leader. Evaluation report 2.89. Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Soil Science Fellowship Course in Norway. Evaluation Report 7.88. Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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