Housing finance and urban management; housing policy formulation; housing project design; community-based and participatory development and local area planning; social, financial, economic and technical evaluation of projects and programmes; Training and manpower needs assessment; development of training programmes.
Country Experience
Uganda, Somalia, Zaire, Tonga, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Kuwait, Turkey, Sudan, Ghana.
English, Urdu, Turkish.
Education and professional qualifications
Graduate Diploma, Development Economics
Registered Architect, ARCUK
Associate, Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)
AA Diploma in Architecture
BSc Tech (Design)


HEC Professor, National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan
Director, Development Planning Unit, UCL
Director of Studies, Development Planning Unit
Reader in Housing Studies, University College London
Director of the MSc Built Environment-Building and Urban Design for Development Course
Senior Lecturer, DPU
Associate Professor, Director, Centre for International Development Planning and Building, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
Director, Diploma Course on Urban Planning Practice
Deputy Director of the DPU
Director, Extension Service, DPU
Lecturer, DPU
Tutor, Architectural Association School
Tutor, architectural design, Norwich Polytechnic
Reader, National College of Arts, Lahore, Department of Design
Consultant, Peoples' Planning Project, Lahore
External Tutor, Architectural Association School
Architect, Department of the Environment

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Jordan. Urban Economist/Business Development Specialist and Social Housing Consultant, supervising the European Investment Bank (EIB) funded Master Plan Project Team on the Amman Development Corridor, which is part of a larger World Bank Project for the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of the Kingdom of Jordan.
Pakistan. Professor, appointed by the Higher Education Council of Pakistan to assist the National College of Arts to enhance and upgrade research and teaching at the Department of Architecture.
Jordan. Consultant to the Urban Workshop on the development of a Master Plan for the development of the Municipality of Zarqa.
Iraq. Housing Policy Specialist, UNHABITAT, assisting the Governorates of Erbil, Hilla and Najjaf in the formulation and development of their Housing Strategies for meeting the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable households, including Internally Displaced Persons.
Jordan. Advisor to the Amman Commission and the Mayor of Amman on the visioning and development of the Greater Amman Municipality.
Pakistan. Team Leader and Urban Development Specialist on the Asian Development Bank, Sindh Basic Urban Services PPTA, designed to enable local administrations to more effectively deliver urban services through public-private partnerships.
Maldives. Advisor to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Republic of the Maldives on the development of a National Housing Policy and the development of a TA and capacity building strategy for the Ministry.
Pakistan. Team Leader of the ADB-funded Sindh Water and Sanitation Policy Project designed to develop Draft Water and Sanitation Policies for the province of Sindh.
Iraq (Jordan). Housing Finance Specialist on the UN-HABITAT Iraq Housing Markets Study.
Maldives. UN-HABITAT/UNDP Policy Advisor to the Government of Maldives for the review of the National Development Plan and to provide inputs for the preparation of the 7th Plan from the perspective of housing and urban development.
Indonesia. Asian Development Bank team leader and Housing Finance Specialist for development of a programme of technical assistance for the Ministry of Settlements and Regional Infrastructure, Directorate General of Housing, for Housing Finance and the development of low-income housing areas
Indonesia: Consultant to the Asian Development Bank on the development of poverty alleviation strategies based on the improvement and provision of shelter and community physical and social infrastructure. The project, initially in 4 cities, will be extended to 30 locations across the country and will be based on participatory, pro-poor municipal strategies.
Afghanistan: Shelter and Urban Sector Expert on UNDP/World Bank/ADB Afghanistan Recovery and Reconstruction Needs Assessment Study. This was a major study to rapidly assess needs and to suggest how these might be met in the immediate and short term.
Pakistan: Consultant to the World Bank, advising The Government of Pakistan on the decentralization of development and planning functions to the District level, primarily based on participatory and inclusive methodologies that are more socially responsive and help local development and poverty alleviation.
Indonesia: Senior Technical Advisor to UNDP and Project Manager on Community-Based Initiatives for Housing and Local Development. A national programme designed to improve housing and living conditions through access to infrastructure and housing finance for lower income households through participatory, community-based mechanisms.
Pakistan: Consultant to UNDP to evaluate the LIFE Programme in Pakistan and advise on new initiatives for community-based urban development and environmental improvement projects. (UNDP). The LIFE Programme is a global initiative of UNDP designed to promote sustainable development strategies and alleviate poverty through socially sensitive programmes based on principles of good governance.
Lebanon: Consultant to UNDP to evaluate the LIFE Programme in the Lebanon and advise on new initiatives for community-based urban development and environmental improvement projects. (UNDP)
Egypt: Consultant to UNDP to evaluate the LIFE Programme in Egypt and advise on new initiatives for community-based urban development and environmental improvement projects. (UNDP)
Kyrgyzystan: Consultant to UNDP to evaluate the LIFE Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic and advise on new initiatives for community-based urban development and environmental improvement projects. (UNDP)
Global: Consultant to UNDP to evaluate and summarise the lessons learnt from the UMP (Urban Management Programme) - a UNDP-World Bank and donor agency funded initiative to promote principles of good urban governance and socially relevant urban development.
Global: Member of team to evaluate the Third Phase of the LIFE (Local Initiative Facility for the Urban Environment) Programme. (UNDP)
Mongolia: Consultant to WHO/UNDP to develop a project on local initiatives for urban living environments based on inclusive, participatory and socially responsible processes aimed at reducing the impact of socio-political readjustments.
Global: Consultant to UNDP to facilitate 4th Global Advisory Committee meeting of the LIFE and Healthy Cities Programme (WHO), Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.
Global: Consultant to UNDP to facilitate Global Advisory Committee meeting of the LIFE programme; LIFE panel workshop; and Panel discussion by African Mayors at the Habitat II City Summit in Istanbul.(UNDP)
Arab States: Consultant to UNCHS/UNDP to advise Arab Mayors on the possibilities and prospects for the Privatisation of urban infrastructure and social services. (UNDP)
India: Consultant to the Professional Development Centre (PDC) of the Maharashtra Housing Board, Pune, in the training of architects and engineers to develop and deliver a rural housing programme.(ODA)
Pakistan: Assessment of the physical planning, engineering and building requirements of the Northern Regions of Pakistan for the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme with a view to establishing the feasibility of an Institute of Planning for the Northern Regions of Pakistan.
Sri Lanka: Housing Policy Expert on Asian Development Bank funded Shelter Sector Review, responsible for the review of past and current housing conditions, policies and programmes and for the formulation of a national housing policy (ADB).
Bangladesh Team Leader of UNDP/UNCHS Urban and Shelter Sector Review. Advising on future directions and policy for the sector (UNDP).
Sri Lanka.. Staff consultant, Asian Development Bank team, evaluating and proposing technical assistance in housing finance and urban sector programmes (ADB).
India. Co-director of Slum Improvement Programme management training courses (ODA).
Sri Lanka.. Member of advisory/training team for the National Housing Development Authority (NHDA), "Million Houses Programme" (IBRD/ODA). The programme was aimed at improving the housing and living conditions of the poorest households through local, participatory and socially inclusive processes.
Pakistan. Team leader evaluating the school building programmes in the north of Pakistan and development of alternative construction methodologies (AKF/ODA).
Global: Consultant for the development of a training course and manual on Housing Finance for Developing Countries (UNCHS) based on the strategies and mechanisms adopted by the poor.
Sudan. Member of World Bank mission to identity and develop project proposals for poverty alleviation in The Sudan (IBRD).
Sudan. Team leader, DPU-Mott MacDonald & Partners, for the design and construction of settlements for 3,500 refugees (UNHCR).
Zaire. Physical Planning and Construction Sector consultant to UNHCR for refugee resettlement projects in Haut Zaire (UNHCR).
Jordan. Adviser to Aga Khan Foundation on assistance to the Royal Scientific Society of Jordan on low-cost housing research (AKF).
Pakistan. Team leader, urban planning and housing on the Lahore Urban Development and Transportation Study (IBRD).
Sudan. Leader of mission to advise on housing in the Southern Region and urban development plan for Juba (ODA).
Pakistan. Regional planning consultant developing regional plans for the Bahawalpur--Multan and the Baluchistan regions (PEPAC).

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Other Consultancies

  • Training Needs Assessment of the Ministry of Housing, Planning and Municipalities of the Yemen and proposals for the establishment of a Training Management Unit.(1994);
  • Organisation and management of a Regional Seminar on Private Sector Initiatives in Urban Housing and Services, Asia and the Pacific, UNDP (1992);
  • Urban development and shelter, focussing on the settlement and upgrading of low-income communities in Khartoum (UNCHS), Sudan, UNDP (1992);
  • Evaluation of the Support Programme for Preparing National Shelter Strategies, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Kenya, Uganda, FINIDA/UNCHS (1991);
  • National shelter policy (UNDP/UNCHS), Ghana, (1990-91);
  • Development of a programme for the improvement of under-serviced areas in Faisalabad, ODA, Pakistan (1990-91);
  • Advice on the training needs and resources for the management and development of human settlements (UNDP), UNCHS, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar (1987);
  • Development of an urban project manual for Arab States, UNCHS, (1986);
  • Training consultant on project for planning of the Cukorova region, Turkey, IBRD, (1985).


Member of the Steering Committee, Aga Khan Award for Architecture

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