Geoffrey PAYNE

Geoffrey Payne was a DPU staff member during 1990-95, after which he established Geoffrey Payne and Associates. He has more than forty years of consultancy, research and training experience internationally in urban development, housing policy, land management, land tenure/property rights and project design issues in developing countries. Work has included urban housing project design and slum upgrading projects, reviews of regulatory frameworks for urban planning, urban housing sector reviews, assessments of policy options and project evaluation in many countries. A central theme involves building local capacity to stimulate local social and economic development and reduce urban poverty.

Geoff has worked with the Cities Alliance, European Union, UK Department for International Development, UN-Habitat, The Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, SIDA, Government of Norway and other agencies. Geoff also regularly teaches at the Institute for Housing Studies (IHS) in the Netherlands, the Technical Universities of Darmstadt and Munich in Germany and also occasionally in the DPU, Oxford Brookes and Westminster universities in the UK.

Recent and current assignments focus on reviews of land tenure and property rights, regulatory frameworks for affordable shelter; public-private partnerships in land for housing; innovative approaches to the provision of secure tenure for the urban poor; and the political economy of land administration. Geoff has published widely (including two book chapters in 2014) on all these issues and contributed to numerous conferences throughout the world.

Geoff is a trustee of the Building and Social Housing Foundation and Article 25. He is also a competition glider pilot and instructor and an enthusiastic tennis player and gardener.
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