Wakely 2022

New book (2024) 'Urban Social Housing' (Patrick Wakely)


Ronaldo Ramirez 1934-2022: an Appreciation (Patrick Wakely)

Ronaldo Ramirez 1934-2022

Ronaldo, a Senior Lecturer in The DPU for 32 years (1974-2006), passed away peacefully on 17 December 2022 at the age of 88.

Wakely 2022

Wakely 2022

New Edition (2021): Vivienda en el Desarrollo Urbano: Experiencia y Aprendizaje (Patrick Wakely)

Spanish language edition of ‘Housing in Developing Cities: Experience and Lessons’ by Patrick Wakely is now available here:

‘Vivienda en el Desarrollo Urbano: Experiencia y Aprendizaje’

New Book (2019): 'Housing in Developing Cities: Experience and Lessons' (Patrick Wakely)


Members of DPU-Associates at event hosted by the DPU on 21 March 2018 to launch, ‘Housing in Developing Cities: Experience & Lessons’ by Patrick Wakely.

Adrian Atkinson 1943-2016: an Appreciation (Patrick Wakely)


ADRIAN ATKINSON AADipl, M.Arch, PhD (1943-2016)

Participatory Urban Housing Strategies: Two Case Studies - Brazil & Sri Lanka (Patrick Wakely)

This paper illustrates Chapter 4 of DPU Working Paper No:163/60: Urban Public Housing Strategies in Developing Countries: Whence and Whither Paradigms, Policies, Programmes and Projects1 that should be read together with it (DPU60 WP163)


Two Case Studies

Sri Lanka Million Houses Programme 1983-89


Rio de Janeiro, Favela Bairro Project 1996-2007

Patrick Wakely


The paper reviews two prominent, but very different, examples of government support to participatory enabling (‘self-help’) approaches to the procurement of affordable urban housing, services and infrastructure by the lowest income groups, both of which are well known to the DPU, which was closely involved with both of them:
    1)The Urban Housing Sub-programme of the Sri Lanka Million Houses Programme (MHP) through the conduct of extensive training with the National Housing Development Authority (NHDA) for the implementation of the sub-programme -1983-89; and
    2) the Rio de Janeiro Favela Bairro programme through two evaluative research projects funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) -1999 & 2004.

Informal Settlements in Aleppo, Syria: developing a city-wide policy and implementation strategy (Patrick Wakely)

In 2008, Patrick Wakely started a part-time contract with the GTZ Syrian-German Sustainable Urban Development Programme to help develop a municipal policy and implementation strategy for informal settlements (IS) in Aleppo. This is linked with the development of a broader-based City Development Strategy (CDS) also being assisted by GTZ, (German Agency for Development Co-operation, the implementing agency of the German Ministry for Economic Co-operation), and the Cities Alliance. The early stages of this on-going programme have already raised interesting issues around government, governance, decentralisation and participation in the context of a country in transition to a social market economy and administration at the national, municipal and local levels.

Formalising informal areas in Greater Cairo: management training for senior Governorate officials (P Wakely, B Mumtaz, S Meikle)

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In February 2009, Patrick Wakely, Babar Mumtaz, and Sheilah Meikle conducted a series of workshops on the decentralisation of the planning, management and upgrading of informal settlements for some 40 professionals and technicians from four of the five Governorates of Greater Cairo. They also ran a parallel course of seminars for the staff of the GTZ (German Technical Cooperation) Participatory Development Programme in Urban Areas (PDP) in Egypt. Both events raised interesting issues concerning the implementation of national decentralisation policies and strategies for participation.

Afghanistan urban capacity building strategy (Patrick Wakely)

In March 2007, Patrick Wakely undertook a consultancy for UN-Habitat to advise on building the capacity of the Ministry of Urban Development to Build the Capacity of municipalities in Afghanistan.

Patrick WAKELY

Patrick Wakely is an independent consultant and Professor Emeritus of Urban Development in the University of London. He was a full-time member of the academic staff of the Development Planning Unit (DPU), University College London (UCL)for 28 years and its director for 14 years (1989-2003).

He has held full-time teaching and training appointments in Asia, Africa and Latin America and has undertaken policy advice consultancy, research and training and project and programme evaluation in some 20 developing countries.

Patrick Wakely - publications

Books and chapters in books

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Book Review: 'Upgrading Informal Settlements: Experiences from Asia'. Urban Studies, Sage, Glasgow (Epub ahead of print August 2023. DOI: 10.1177/00420980231190773).
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Communication for Sustainable Urban Partnerships, World Bank website: http://www.worldbank.org/urban/symposium2003/docs/papers/wakely.pdf
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Published peer-reviewed papers & articles

Sustainable urban housing policies in the era of post-covid climate change mitigation, International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, Taylor & Francis, Vol.14 ,Issue 1 (online) pp.416-424 [See link]
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Major unpublished reports

Informal Land & Housing Markets in Aleppo (with R. Abdul Wahab). GiZ/Government of Syria, Eschborn, Germany & Ministry of Municipal Administration, Damascus, Syria.
Notes on a Framework for a National Housing Policy for Sri Lanka, (with Jayawardana, C.), United Nations Human Settlements Programme - UN-Habitat, Fukuoka. [See Link]
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Analysis of Institutional Arrangements fro the Phnom Penh Urban Poverty Reduction Strategy, UNDP/UN-Habitat.
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Community Building in the Upper Region of Ghana, (with Mumtaz, K. K.), mimeo, UST, Kumasi.
Bui Resettlement Area Survey, (with Mumtaz, K.), mimeo, UST, Kumasi.

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Conference papers

Participatory Planning and Development of Informal Areas – Institutional Settings, Organizational Arrangements & Capacity Building: Some Basic Concepts, presented at the 'International Symposium on Exchanging Global and Egyptian Experiences in Dealing with Informal Areas within the Wider Urban Management Context', GTZ German Technical Cooperation and Ministry of Ecnomic Development, Arab Republic of Egypt, Cairo, October 2008. [See Link]
Communication For Sustainable Urban Partnerships: Perceptions and Prejudices in and between Local Government and Low-Income Urban Communities in Colombo, Nairobi and Rio De Janeiro, (with Riley, R.), World Bank Urban Research Symposium, Washington
Building Capacity for Better Cities (with Peltenburg, M., Davidson, F., Teerlink, H.) for the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II), Istanbul
Where we have come from: Historical Perspective and Major Trends (with Aliani, A), Opening Paper for the Second UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) Asia-Pacific Urban Forum, Bangkok.
Local Government, Institutional Development and Management of the Housing Sector, Opening Session Theme Paper for Palestine Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction (PECDAR) conference on The Urban and Rural Reconstruction of Palestine, Amman, Jordan.
The Roles, Responsibilities and Capabilities of Different Levels and Organisations in the Governmental and Non-Governmental Sectors, and Opportunities for Co-operating and Partnership among them at both National and International Levels in the Field of Human Settlements, (with Safier, M.), Theme Paper for the Twelfth Session of the United Nations Commission on Human Settlements, Cartagena, Colombia.
The Development of Housing through the Withdrawal from Construction: Changes in Third World Housing Policies and Programmes, conference on The Future of Urbanisation and the Role of British Aid, ODA, London.
The Devolution of Housing Production - Support and Management, Keynote discussion paper at the International Symposium on the Implementation of a Support Policy for Housing Provision, ODA, London.
International Assistance Strategy for Human Settlements Training in Developing Countries, (with Harris, N.) - Position paper for the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements Steering Committee meeting, Nairobi, Kenya.
Architectural Education in Latin America - Keynote stimulus paper to the Eighth International Forum of the European Association for Architectural Education, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Within Five Hundred Metres: Social and Physical Contrasts in a Central Area of Bogotá Latin Roots in the Built Environment Conference of Vieux Carre Commission, New Orleans, USA.
Planeación Urbana: Actitudes (Attitudes to Urban Planning) - Keynote paper to Conference of the Escuela Superior de Administractión Pública (ESAP), Pereira, Colombia.
The Extension Service Concept in Educational Assistance to Developing Countries UK Education for Planning Association Conference, Birmingham.
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Development of a Primary School Building System for Ghana: A Case Study - First Conference of the African Studies Association of the United Kingdom, Brighton.

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Patrick WAKELY


Urban governance and management; the formulation and management of low income housing policies and programmes with emphasis on community-based participatory processes; institutional and organisational capacity building and professional training for urban development and management.

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