Sheilah MEIKLE

Social development; the design, implementation and evaluation of socially sensitive development policies, programmes and projects and the execution of training programmes; poverty, sustainable livelihoods, governance, involuntary resettlement, energy, water and sanitation and environmental management.
Country experience:
Tanzania, Zambia, Chad, Nigeria, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malaysia
Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Jordan
Argentina, Anguilla, Dominica
Educational and professional qualifications
PhD (London School of Economics)
MCD (Liverpool University)
BA Sociology (Liverpool University)
Member, Royal Town Planning Institute


Senior Lecturer, Development Planning Unit, University College London Director, MSc course in Social Development Practice
Lecturer, Development Planning Unit, University College London
Independent planning and social development consultant
Part-time Lecturer Polytechnic of Central London and Polytechnic of North London
Senior Planner, Robert Matthew, Johnson-Marshall and Partners
Various planning posts in central and local government

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Belize Member of team undertaking Country Poverty Assessment (CPA), with particular responsibility for participatory poverty assessment (Halcrow/CDB).
Egypt Member of team undertaking management training for senior government officials on formalising informal areas in Greater Cairo (GTZ).
Montserrat Member of 4 person team, working with the Montserrat National Assessment Team, on the Montserrat Country Poverty Assessment (CDB).
Belize Project Director for Evaluation of the Activities and Impact of the Belize Social Investment Fund in Respect of the Period 1996-2005 (CDB).
UK and Tanzania Management of Domestic Energy Programme (DEP) in Dodoma region of Tanzania. DEP is a long-term programme to improve the livelihoods of poor rural and urban families by the introduction of energy efficient stoves, wonder baskets, and improved management of tree planting (Sunseed Tanzania Trust).
UK and Indonesia Senior Livelihoods Advisor to an international NGO on the design and implementation of an urban livelihoods study in Jakarta, Indonesia (Mercy Corps).
UK Consultant responsible for evaluating a selection of DFID funded KaR (Knowledge and Research) projects (AEAT)
Afghanistan Consultant responsible for reviewing and recommending improvements to project monitoring system; establishing a participatory community monitoring system; assessing the impact of project interventions on the livelihoods of project households and an analysis of impediments to urban services (UN-HABITAT).
UK – Haringey Director responsible for two social impact assessments of Northumberland Park, Single Regeneration Budget Scheme. The project is concerned with identifying changes in the quality of life/well-being of residents resulting from the Joining Up Northumberland Park (JUNP) initiative; and with the impact of the JUNP programme on community cohesion and networks for the period 2003-2004. 2004 Jordan Keynote speaker on 'Housing and urban development, a social development perspective' at Habitat Symposium on 'Housing and Urban Development in Iraq' (UN-HABITAT).
Tanzania Director of, nine-month, research study into the impact of energy use on the livelihoods of poor women and girls in Arusha, Tanzania(DFID).
Tanzania Course Director of annual 2-week integrated field visits for DPU students and members of the Community Development Training Institute, Tengeru, in Arusha, on the formulation and evaluation of a range of social development projects.
Egypt/UK Principal investigator with overall management responsibility for a study of the impact of economic growth on poor men and women’s livelihoods in Damietta, Egypt: an environmental perspective (DFID).
Zambia Member of team undertaking an independent review of CARE-Zambia’s PROSPECT programme (Programme of support for Poverty Elimination and Community Transformation) for DFID-Zambia (DFID).
Anguilla, Dominica. Social development advisor on three country poverty assessments (ADB)
Indonesia/Ghana/China Research director of a scoping study on energy, poverty and sustainable urban livelihoods (DFID).
Egypt Social development advisor - Support to Environmental Assessment and Management Phase II (SEAM II) a four year project which aimed to improve environmental planning and services for the poor in Egypt (DFID) 2001 Georgia/UK Social development advisor for Resettlement Action Plan, Georgia – CIS, for a major oil and a gas pipeline.
UK design and execution of 3-day social development workshop for international consultancy company.
Palestine Social development advisor on Support to Municipal Development and Management Project, Gaza (DANIDA) China Social development advisor on team appraising DFID funded PRC programme to improve water management capabilities. (DFID) UK Member DPU team responsible for social development and poverty inputs to EU Urban Development Guidelines (EU) UK Director of research study into concepts of sustainable urban livelihoods and their implication for policy. (DFID) China Social development adviser undertaking end of project social evaluation of the Jiangyin Suspension Bridge project (See also 97 and 95) (DFID).
China Social development advisor on mission to review recent changes in housing reform in China and its implications for the DFID State Owned Enterprise Reform project, with special responsibility for evaluating the impact of housing reforms on the poor. (DFID) UK Principal researcher on the preparation of an English and Chinese Glossary of Key Social Development Concepts and Terms Argentina Design and execution of three day workshop on integrated development and lectures in regional universities. Part of World Bank/British Council supported regional programme in ‘Management of human resources for science, technology and regional development’ (British Council).
Korea, Presenter in Seoul of a paper on Social Aspects of Sustainable Communities at UNDP sponsored International Symposium and Design and Workshop (UNDP) China Social development adviser undertaking social appraisal of the implementation process of the Jiangyin Suspension Bridge project (DFID) London Participant observer at United Nations Workshop on Participation and Social Justice (UN) London Social development advisor to group developing a framework for environmental capacity: a tool for sustainable urban planning In developing countries with BDP (ODA).
Philippines and China Director of nine-month comparative study of resettlement policy and practice in China and the Philippines. (ESCOR/DFID)
China social development adviser to Shanghai Urban Rehabilitation Study (SPURS). (ODA) China Designed and conducted Changsha, workshop for World Bank Projects Staff: ‘Resettlement monitoring and evaluation’. Included drafting and validation of development guidelines on resettlement monitoring and evaluation for the World Bank (ODA/World Bank).
New York, Design and execution of prototype training workshop for UN staff social perspective on development: policy formulation and implementation for gender responsive poverty eradication. (UN) China Shanghai, training of trainers’ workshop: ‘Resettlement monitoring and evaluation’ and workshop for World Bank Projects Staff: ‘Resettlement monitoring and evaluation’. (ODA/World Bank) Vietnam. Social impact appraisal of Bay Chay and Binh Bridges (ODA).
New York Prototype training workshop for UN staff: the social perspective, policy formulation and evaluation. (UN) China Appraisal Mission of Jiangyin Bridge. Social Development Expert responsible for evaluating quality of proposed resettlement and compensation. (ODA) Organiser UK workshop Social Research and Urban Development for Urban Policy Studies Group of the Development Studies Association
Organiser International Workshop - Urban Agriculture: A Growing Development Tool. A workshop for 30 participants from ten countries. (DPU London) China Design and execution of a series of resettlement monitoring and evaluation workshops (World Bank/ODA). UK Design of a training manual for resettlement, social monitoring and China (World Bank).
Pakistan member of two-person team advising on feasibility of establishing a Northern Region Institute of Planning (AKRSP).
London Workshop on urban poverty (ODA) China Social development expert on appraisal mission responsible for evaluating quality of resettlement and compensation for a proposed new international airport at Nanjing. (ODA) Tanzania Training of trainers’ workshop - socially sensitive policy formulation in the context of structural adjustment (UNOV and Government of United Republic of Tanzania). Tanzania Workshop for government and NGO staff: socially sensitive policy formulation in the context of structural adjustment, (UNOV and the United Republic of Tanzania).
London Series of workshops on the Implications of Structural Adjustment for Women (RIPA London).
London Series of workshops on Gender Issues and Project Management (RIPA).
Tanzania Author of training manual - Socially Sensitive Policy Formulation in the Context of Structural Adjustment (UN, UNDP and United Republic of Tanzania).
Tanzania Social development consultant on two-person appraisal mission assessing need for, and approach to, training regarding social dimension of structural adjustment (UNDP).
London Workshop Co-ordinator: Successful Shelter Strategies (ODA) Tanzania Designed and conducted social dimensions of structural adjustment, senior planners seminar (UNDP).
Chad Social Policy Adviser to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Women's Development (UNOV).
UK Advisor to a major oil company on the social impact of their proposed office relocation
UK Director of a series of user and management surveys which form part of a comprehensive evaluation of relative performance of sports halls for the UK national Sports Council.
Tanzania Social planning and survey training consultant on review of Dodoma Master Plan (UNDP)
Iraq, Social Policy Adviser, The Integrated Capital Development Plan of Baghdad (MITI).
Jordan Social policy consultant, Shalallah and Old Town Upgrading, Aqaba
Nigeria Consultant sociologist, Gongola Urban Development Project (IBRD).
UK. Sociologist advising the Energy Technology Support Unit of the UK Department of Energy on various studies concerned with user aspects of domestic heating
UK Study of Saudi Arabian Border Ports, UK advisor on social research methods Nigeria Social Planning Consultant, Agricultural Development Project, Abuja Federal Capital Territory (IBRD).
Malaysia Social advisor in two-member apprasial team on refugee resettlement in Sabah (UNHCR).
Egypt Social planner, Land Reclamation and Resettlement Project, West Nubariya (ODA).
Egypt Sociologist/planner, Demonstration projects, Suez (UNDP).
Egypt Planner, Suez Canal Regional Plan (UNDP).
Egypt Planner, Suez Master Plan (UNDP).
UK Various planning consultancies

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Trustee and latterly (2006) Chair of Trustees Sunseed Tanzania Trust (STT) working with people in arid areas to improve the quality of their lives and environment and the productivity of their land.
External Examiner and latterly (2007) Senior External Examiner MSc (Econ) Social Development and Management School of Social Science and International Development, Centre for Development Studies, Swansea University of Wales.