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Louis Wassenhoven (new)

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Synthesis of National Overviews, Annex B of Final Report, Governance of Territorial and Urban Policies from EU to Local Level, ESPON Project 2.3.2, European Commission, 2006 (with the assistance of a research team of the National Technical University of Athens).
Urban and Regional Planning, Teaching Manual, National School of Public Administration (in Greek).
The EU Compendium of Spatial Planning Systems and Policies: Greece, European Commission Regional Development Studies, Luxembourg (ISBN 92-828-2692-9).
Regional Planning: Theory and applications (with D. Georgoulis), Teaching manual, National Technical University of Athens.

Chapters in books

The difficult road to territorial governance in European countries (with K. Sapountzaki), in F. Governa, U. Janin Rivolin and M. Santangelo, eds., European Territorial Governance (under publication in Italian).
Social and political dimensions of spatial planning (with El. Kourliouros), in Terkenli, Th., Th. Iosifidis, G. Chorianopoulos and I. Petrakou (eds.), Human Geography: Man, society and space, University of the Aegean, Mytilene (under publication in Greek).
Urban Environment, in folder “Critical Environmental Issues of the 21st Century”, Goulandris Museum of Natural History, Athens, 2004 (in Greek).
The theory of urban planning: What future for the 21st century?, in City and Space from the 20th to the 21st Century, National Technical University of Athens, University of Thessaly and Association of Greek Urban and Regional Planners, Athens, 2004, pp. 75-102 (in Greek).
The planning of cities in the constellation of environmental responsibility, in City and Space from the 20th to the 21st Century, National Technical University of Athens, University of Thessaly and Association of Greek Urban and Regional Planners, Athens, 2004, pp. 103-113 (in Greek).
Large town planning interventions: Can they assist the quest for a better future for Athens? , in S. Tsetsis, ed., A Future for Athens, Papazisis, Athens, 2003, pp. 153-177 (in Greek).
Urban renewal, in F. Infussi and G. Simaioforidis, eds., The Challenge of the Greek City - The Heraklis Programme, A.G.E.T. - Hiraklis, Athens, 1998, pp. 71-83 (in Greek and Italian).
Order and disorder in space, in M. Modinos and El. Efthymiopoulos, eds., Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Interdisciplinary Institute of Environmental Research, Athens, 1998, pp. 57-78 (reprinted by Stochastis Publications, 1999) (in Greek).
Spatial Planning, in Greece: History and Culture of the Greek Nation, Vol. B, Papyros Publishing, Athens, 1998, pp. 407-411.
Greece, in Managing Across Levels of Government, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Paris, 1997, pp. 191-202.
Spatial planning: Theory and practice, in Sustainable Development with Environmental Education, Prefectoral Self-Government of Aetoloakarnania and Ministry for the Environment, Spatial Planning and Public Works, Mesolonghi, 1997, pp. 180-201 (in Greek).
Sustainable urban development and the concept of urban resources, in C. Laskaris, ed., Sustainable Development: Theoretical approaches of a crucial notion, Papasotiriou, Athens, 1996, pp. 79-119.
Urban renewal in a modern megalopolis: The case of Elaionas, in D. Georgoulis, ed., Texts on the Theory and Implementation of Town and Regional Planning, Papazisis, Athens, 1995, pp. 375-397 (in Greek).
Environment and sciences at the end of the 20th century from the viewpoint of an urban planner, in D. Rokos, ed., Sciences and the Environment at the End of the Century: Problems and perspectives, National Technical University of Athens and Enallaktikes Ekdoseis, Athens, 1994, pp. 78-87 (in Greek).
The economic geography of the region, in L. Papagiannakis, ed., The Development of Thrace: Challenges and perspectives, Research Centre of the Greek Society, Academy of Athens, Athens, 1994, pp. 85-106 (in Greek).
Locational planning of industrial plants and estates in Greece, in C. Laskaris, ed., National and Community Policies and Programmes for the Development of Urban Centres, National Technical University of Athens and European Social Fund, Athens, 1994, pp. 107-121 (in Greek).
Greece, in Planning and Urban Growth in Southern Europe, Martin Wynn, ed., Mansell, London, 1984, pp. 5-36.

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Papers published in conference proceedings

Urban resources and sustainability at the neighbourhood level: The case of Kypseli and Rentis in the Athens conurbation (with G. Melissourgos and M. Wassenhoven), Proceedings of the International Sustainable Development Research Conference 2003, University of Nottingham, 24-25 March 2003.
Participation and sustainability: Some lessons from local and national experience in Greece (with K. Sapountzaki), Proceedings of the International Sustainable Development Research Conference 2003, University of Nottingham, 24-25 March 2003.
National and regional spatial plans in Greece: Can they contribute to sustainable development? Proceedings of the International Sustainable Development Research Conference 2003, University of Nottingham, 24-25 March 2003.
Is there still a theory of spatial planning? in Architecture and the Greek City in the 21st Century, Proceedings of the 10th Panhellenic Architectural Conference, Technical Chamber of Greece, 2002, pp. 393-399 (in Greek).
The theory of urban and regional planning and the ideology of sustainable development in Management and Improvement of Coastal Zones, Proceedings of the 2nd Panhellenic Conference, 25-28 November 2002, National Technical University of Athens (in Greek).
The concept of “soft” tourism development in Possibilities of Soft Tourism Development in the Municipality of Mantamados (Island of Lesvos), Proceedings of a two-day conference (in print), 30 November – 1 December 2002, National Technical University of Athens and Municipality of Mantamados, Mantamados, Lesvos (in Greek).
Sustainable development and the environment in The ISTAME one-day conferences: Papers and debates, Institute of Strategic and Development Studies (ISTAME), January 1999, pp. 92-114 (in Greek).
Public works as a shaping factor of geographical space and the environment in Environment and Public Works: Concepts in opposition?, Proceedings of a conference, Panhellenic Federation of Unions of Employees of the Ministry for the Environment, Spatial Planning and Public Works, Athens, 1999, pp. 57-66 (in Greek).
Strategies for the urban development of productive activities: Theoretical positions and the case of Elaionas in Athens - Attica: Strategic Planning for Sustainable Development, Proceedings of an international conference, Organization for the Master Plan and Environmental Protection of Athens, 1996, pp. 178-181 (in Greek).
Spatial planning and the countryside in Regional Development, Spatial Planning and the Environment in the Framework of a United Europe, Proceedings of a conference, Vol.II, Associations of Greek Regionalists and “Topos” (Review of Urban and Regional Studies), Athens, 1995, pp. 13-27 (in Greek).
The frontier syndrome and the internationalization of spatial planning in Frontier Zones: Development, employment creation, cross-border co-operation, Proceedings of a conference, Association of Greek Regionalists, Athens, 1995, pp. 97-107 (in Greek).
Spatial planning in the 1960s in Greek Society in the First Postwar Period (1945-1967), Proceedings of a conference, Sakis Karagiorgas Foundation, Athens, 1995, pp. 109-123 (in Greek). Also published in Pyrforos, No 17, January – February 1995, pp. 31-41.
Microzonation, urban vulnerability and urban planning in the commercial center of Athens: An interscientific approach (with P.Kotzias, K.Sapountzaki, A.Stamatopoulos and K.Stamatopoulos), in Earthquake Resistant Construction and Design, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Earthquake Resistant Construction and Design, Berlin / 15-17 June 1994, S.A.Savidis, ed., A.A.Balkema, Rotterdam and Brookfield, 1994.
The environmental dimension of Greek urban planning: The case of Elaionas in Athens, in C.Laskaris, ed., Aspects of Environmental Education and Practice in Modern Greece, Proceedings of a scientific meeting, National Technical University of Athens, 1993.
A model for the study of the education of engineers in the issues of development, space, the environment and settlements, in Th. Vakalios, ed., The Engineering University and Development, Proceedings of a conference, Vol. B, National Technical University of Athens, 1991, pp. 331-342 (in Greek).
The proposal for the creation of a technological and industrial museum in Lavrion, in Lavrion: Development prospects, Proceedings of a one-day conference, National Technical University of Athens, Faculty of Architecture, 1991, pp. 82-90 (in Greek).
Development goals for modern Athens: The operation of manufacturing firms and industrial estates (with D. Georgoulis, El. Kourliouros and K. Sapountzaki), in The [Pollution] Cloud and the Active Citizen, Proceedings of a conference, Citizens’ Movement, Athens, 11-12 November 1991, pp. 35-52.
Introduction, in The Interdisciplinary Approach to Development, Proceedings of a conference held at the National Technical University of Athens, Papazisis, Athens, 1990, pp. 7-15 (in Greek).
Development: A human dimension, in Development – Heritage, Proceedings of a conference held in Nafplion, Free Political Laboratory, Athens, 1984, pp. 15-20 (in Greek).
Environmental goals in urban development planning, in Environment, Development and Quality of Life, The BBC 1982 Seminar in Athens, Compendium Publications, Athens, 1983, pp. 19-27 (in Greek). Reprinted in Ecology and Environment, No 5, November – December 1982, pp. 62-67.
Housing policy and the Public Company for Urban Planning and Shelter (with K. Sofoulis), in Construction in Greece, Proceedings of a conference of the Technical Chamber of Greece, Vol. 2, 18-23 June 1979 (in Greek).
Urban Problems and the Education of Town Planners, Final Report of Meeting of Experts, Chandigarh, India, 6-11 December 1976 (rapporteur: L.Wassenhoven), Document SS/MD/5, UNESCO, Paris, May 1977.

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Articles in journals

The democratic character of spatial planning and the challenge to the rational model of planning, Aeihoros, No 1, Vol. 1, 2003 (in Greek).
The development of the site of Hellinikon airport (with K. Sapountzaki), Pyrforos, National Technical University of Athens, No 1 / 1998, pp. 57-61 (in Greek).
Sustainable cities and the education of town planners, Nea Oikologia, No 167, September 1998, pp. 23-24 (in Greek).
Spatial planning and the problems of rural space and the countryside, Pyrforos, National Technical University of Athens, No 27, January – February 1997, pp. 39-42 (in Greek).
Regional and spatial policy: The European strategy of Greece, Paper presented at a conference of the Technical Chamber of Greece, Pyrforos, National Technical University of Athens, No 24, May - June 1996, pp. 42-50 (in Greek).
Urban and regional spatial planning in Greece, Pyrforos, National Technical University of Athens, No 21, November - December 1995, pp. 11-17 (in Greek). Originally presented in English at a conference on Greece in the London School of Economics and Political Science.
Development poles and the policy of “adversary cities” , Oikonomia kai Koinonia, August – September 1979, pp. 32-39 (in Greek).
Development and settlement system: A contribution to theory, Synchrona Themata, No 6, September – November 1979, pp. 33-41 (in Greek).
Urban management: Needs and lessons of international experience, Epitheorisi Topikis Aftodioikisis, Central Union of Municipalities and Communes of Greece, June 1978 (in Greek).
Socio-political aspects of housing, International Journal of Environmental Studies, 9 (1976): pp. 37-48.
The political dimension of housing, Oikonomikos Tachydromos, 14 August 1975 (in Greek).
Urban planning: Need for integrated theory, Oikonomikos Tachydromos, 11 November 1971 (in Greek).
Preparatory work for the formulation of the master plan of a new settlement, Technika Chronika, No 6, June 1969 (in Greek). Spatial research: Principles and methodology according to Louis - Joseph Lebret, Technika Chronika, No 9, September 1969 (in Greek).

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Teaching, research and consultancy: Urban and regional planning, spatial sustainable development, territorial governance, urban redevelopment and regeneration, planning theory.
Country experience
Greece, Great Britain, European Union countries, Indonesia.

Greek (mother tongue), English, French.


Louis Wassenhoven is Professor Emeritus of Urban and Regional Planning in the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece, where he was Full Professor from 1983 until his retirement in 2005, at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, School of Architecture. He was for 20 years Director of the NTUA Laboratory for Spatial Planning and Urban Development (SPUD), where he continues researching. Since 2005, he is also teaching at the National School of Public Administration, Greece.

Louis Wassenhoven

Louis Wassenhoven

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