Patrick McAUSLAN

Land Law and Policy; Natural Resources Law; and Local Government.

Country experience
Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, South Africa, Malawi, Gambia, Sudan, Somalia, Mauritius, Seychelles, Nigeria, Sierra Leone;
China, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Maldives Indonesia, East Timor, Yemen;
Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, British Virgin Islands; and
Ukraine, Albania, Serbia.


Educational and professional qualifications

BA Hons Jurisprudence, Oxford University 1960.

Batchelor of Civil Law (1st class honours) (the Oxford postgraduate (masters) degree in law.

Bar finals 1961; Barrister, Nov, 1961.


Professor of Law; Birkbeck College, University of London teaching, research: land law.

Professor of Urban Management; Development Planning Unit (DPU), UCL with special reference to land; teaching, research land law; Environmental law

Land Management Adviser and Co-ordinator, UNCHS Urban Management Programme (UMP), based in Nairobi. Advising Governments on their land management policies and practices. Advisory missions undertaken to Ghana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Tanzania, India, Vietnam, China, Romania.

Professor of Public Law; London School of Economics (LSE) teaching, research, administration: public law.

Senior Lecturer, Reader, and from 1972, Professor of Law; University of Warwickteaching, research, administration: land law; planning law; public law; environmental law.

Lecturer in Law, London School of Economics (LSE) teaching and research: administrative law; legal systems.

Lecturer in Law, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania teaching and research: legal systems, administrative law, land law.

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Maldives: Member of team to advise on agricultural land law and draft the necessary law. Mission in March and November (projected) (FAO).

Albania: Advise on content of new Territorial Planning Law (CoE) and prepare a report on urban planning systems in Southern Europe as a comparator (WB) (Mission in April. Council of Europe and World Bank).

Saudi Arabia: Member of team to advise on the modalities of preparing a project to redevelop the central area of Arriyadh. My role was to review urban planning law and offer comparative examples of urban redevelopment institutional arrangements. Two missions: April and July (Arriyadh Development Authority).

Sudan: Part of a team to review administrative systems in four states in the North of Sudan in the context of facilitating foreign investment. My role was to review land management systems. Missions in April and November (World Bank - FIAS).

Azerbaijan: Selected by Govt of Azerbaijan to prepare a land acquisition law. 90 days of consultancy. Draft prepared and further work done. Missions in August and December (World Bank).

Afghanistan: Undertake a GAP analysis of land acquisition law and practice (World Bank).

Maldives: Advise on the reform of and draft a revised Land Act. Sole consultant. (Govt of Maldives).

Syria: Member of team focusing on urban planning in EU project to assist in the improvement of municipal management in 5 major cities in Syria (EU).

Ukraine: Prepare report on land and forestry laws in connection with a CDM LULUCF project under the Kyoto Protocol. Member of team (World Bank).

Rwanda: Legal expert in a project to assist in the upgrading and development of land management (DFID).

Sudan: Assist with land chapter in constitutions of Transitional States of Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan and draft a Land Commission and Land Law (USAID).

Afghanistan: Review urban land laws and municipal laws and propose revisions to same (UN-Habitat).

Albania: Prepare report on land and forestry laws in connection with a CDM LULUCF project under the Kyoto Protocol. Member of team (World Bank).

Tanzania: Prepare report on land and forestry laws in connection with a CDM LULUCF project under the Kyoto Protocol. Sole consultant (World Bank).

Tanzania: Draft laws to regulate the land market with special reference to estate agents. Member of team (Govt of Tanzania).

Yemen: Reviewing urban land and governance laws in connection with a revision of the Aden Master Plan. Member of team (World Bank).

Tanzania: Drafting regulations to facilitate implementation of Land (Amendment) Act 2004. Member of team. (Govt of Tanzania).

Serbia: Reviewing Serbian land laws as part of a pre-project input into a major WB project to upgrade the land titling systems in Serbia. Member of team (World Bank).

Mauritius: Redrafting Town and Country planning law and drafting regulations. Member of team. Law enacted 2004 (Govt of Mautitius).

Puntland State of Somalia: Advising on local government and land law. Member of team on 1st mission; sole consultant on 2nd mission (UN-Habitat).

Somaliland: Advising and drafting a local government law for Hargeisa City Council. Sole consultant (UN-Habitat).

Albania: Land and environmental law expert in team reviewing the land and environmental laws of Albania as part of a project to upgrade the capacity of the state in land planning (EU).

Lesotho: Land law expert drafting new land, town and country planning and land acquisition laws for Lesotho. Member of team (DFID).

Indonesia: Technical specialist in land tenure and land law in team assisting in the development of a World Bank land titling project (World Bank).

2002 & 2000
China: Review urban land development laws in connection with an environmental management plan for Shenyang. Member of team (EU).

Botswana: Legal resource person in team assisting in development of new National Land Policy (Govt of Botswana).

Maldives: Technical specialist in Land Law in team advising on new land policy and land laws (World Bank).

Lesotho: Legal resource person in team assisting in development of new National Land Policy (DFID).

Indonesia: International legal expert at conference on land reform programmes as contribution to Indonesia’s land reform projects (World Bank).

1999-2000, 1998
Uganda: Draftsperson and Senior Technical Adviser to a project to draft and assist in implementation of the Land Act, 1998. As STA, role was to ensure project achieved its goals and advise Ministers on legal and policy issues. Based in Kampala for 1 year (DFID).

1999-2000, 1996
Tanzania: Draftsperson and team leader of project to draft land reform laws to implement National Land Policy and of regulations to operationalise the laws. Laws enacted in 1999 (ODA).

East Timor: Formulate proposals for land tenure reform to be supported by UN and other donors. Member of team (UNCHS).

Bangladesh: Review and prepare report on urban land tenure laws and possible reforms. Member 2 person team (UNCHS).

Gambia: Review land tenure laws. Sole consultant (FAO).

Tanzania: Prepare proposals for and draft Forestry law to facilitate implementation of National Forestry Policy and Beekeeping law to implement national beekeeping policy. Laws enacted in 2002. Team leader and draftsperson (GTZ).

South Africa: Legal expert in team advising on the laws to implement RSA’s land reform policies (SDC & DFID).

Namibia: Team leader of 2 person team to review proposals for a new urban land tenure (DANIDA).

Swaziland: Team leader of 2 person team and legal expert reviewing and drafting a land resettlement law (FAO).

Tanzania: Team leader of 12 person team and legal expert developing a strategic plan for the reorganisation of Dar es Salaam local government (DANIDA).

Sierra Leone: Team member assisting in preparation of Freetown Structure Plan (World Bank).

Lesotho: Review and draft amendments to urban planning and compulsory purchase laws. Sole consultant (ODA).

Namibia: Team leader of 3 person team to review and propose changes to the Agricultural (Commercial) Land Reform Act (FAO).

Uganda: Leader of 3 person team to draft a Wildlife law. Law enacted (EU).

Mauritius: Resource person assisting in formulation of National Physical Development Plan (UNCHS).

UK, Kenya: Resource person on land for Habitat II (UNCHS).

Jamaica: Participate as resource person on formulation of national land policy. Sole consultant (USAID).

Tanzania: Review and report on administrative justice. Leader of team (NORAD).

China: Training course on environmental law and management. Leader of team (British Council).

Kenya: Training course on environmental and urban planning law. Part of team (UNEP/UNCHS).

Seychelles: Review and advise on reforms to island planning law. Sole consultant (UNCHS).

Uganda: Environmental law (UNEP)
China: Administrative justice (UNDP)
Malawi: Building control Law (World Bank)

UK: Land tenure (WB/UNCHS/UNDP UMP)
Zimbabwe: Environmental law (Swedeforest)

Lesotho: Environmental law (Swedeforest)
British Virgin Islands: Island planning (UNCHS)
Zambia: Land tenure (ODA)

Trinidad & Tobago: Island planning law (UNCHS)

Maldives: Water law (EU)

Jamaica: Land tenure law (UNCHS)

Turks & Caicos Islands: Island planning law (UNCHS)
Malawi: Urban planning law (UNCHS)

India: Urban planning law (British Council)
Maldives: Urban planning law (UNCHS)

Zimbabwe: Urban planning law (UCHS)

Uganda: Urban planning law (UCHS)

Nigeria: Urban planning law (UCHS)

Tanzania: Urban planning law (UCHS)

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