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Urbanization in Contemporary Latin America. Critical Approaches to the Analysis of Urban Issues. Book edited in Association with Gilbert, A and Hardoy, J.E. John Wiley and Sons. London.

Chapters in Books

Integrated Informality in the "Barrios" of Havana" in Hernández, F and Kellett, P (eds): Rethinking the Informal City: Critical Perspectives from Latin America (in print).
Ciudad y Pobreza: el Paradigma Cualitativo de la Pobreza Urbana. In: Balbo,M; Jordán,R and Simioni,D; (Eds.): La Ciudad Inclusiva. UN-CEPAL, Santiago de Chile.
Cittá e Povertá: il Paradigma Qualitativo de la Povertá Urbana. In: Marcello Balbo (ed.): La Cittá Inclusiva, Franco Angeli, Milano.
Housing Privatisation in Great Britain and Policy Prospects for the 1990's. in: Korea National Housing Corporation. Prospects on Housing Policy and Technology Development for the 21st Century. Proceedings of International Symposium on Housing. Seoul.
Notes on the Self-Help Housing Critique: Towards a Conceptual Framework for the Analysis of Self-Help Housing Policies in Developing Countries. In collaboration with Fiori. J. In: Mathey K. (ed): Beyond Self-Help Housing. Mansell, London and Profil Verlag, Munchen.
The Commodification of Self-Help Housing and State Intervention: Household Experiences in the Barrios of Caracas. In collaboration with Fiori, J;, Harms H and Mathey, K. In: Mathey K. (ed): Beyond Self-Help Housing. Mansell, London and Profil Verlag, Munchen. Also as DPU Working Paper N. 26. London, April 1991.
Urbanization, Housing and the (Withdrawing) State: the Production-Reproduction Nexus. In: Datta, S. (ed): Third World Urbanization: Reappraisals and New Perspectives. Swedish Council for Research in Humanities and Social Sciences. Stockholm.

Published Journal articles

El Estado y la Sociedad Civil en los Barrios de la Habana, Cuba: el Caso de Pogolotti, Medio Ambiente y Urbanización. N.65. IIEF-AL. Buenos Aires
State and Civil Society in the Barrios of Havana, Cuba: the Case of Pogolotti, Environment and Urbanization, Vol 17. n..1, London.
Factores que Contribuyen al Éxito o Fracaso de Proyectos Comunitarios. Experiencias en el Barrio Pogolotti, La Habana, Cuba, INVI. n. 50. Instituto de la Vivienda, Universidad de Chile. Santiago de Chile.
Urban Poverty Reduction and Urban Security Consolidation: a New Paradigm at Work?, UN-Habitat UMP Paper Series n.20.
Evaluación Social de Políticas y Programas de Vivienda: un Análisis de la Contribución de la Vivienda a la Reducción de la Pobreza Urbana, INVI n.45. Instituto de la Vivienda, Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile.
Notas Sobre Medio Siglo de Políticas de Vivienda, Vivienda Popular N..10 Montevideo.
Favela Bairro and a New Generation of Housing Programmes for the Urban Poor In collaboration with L.Riley and J.Fiori. Geoforum n.32. London.
Physical Upgrading and Social Integration in Rio de Janeiro: the Case of Favela Bairro. In collaboration with J.Fiori and L.Riley. DISP 147. Zurich
La Vivienda como Tema de Postgrado. Contenido, Contexto y Dirección. In collaboration with J Fiori. Revista CIUDAD. N.14. Quito. Ecuador.
The Formulation of National Shelter Strategies. Six Case Studies: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Indonesia. In collaboration with Patrick Wakely and Babar Mumtaz. DPU Working Paper N.59 London
Notes for Comparative Research on Self-Help Housing Policies in Latin America . In collaboration with J Fiori, Institute of Industrial Economics, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Also in TRIALOG n.18, Germany, 1988.
Planning in a Social Vacuum, Royal Town Planning Institute. Summer Conference Proceedings. London.
Diversificación Profesional y Problemas Nacionales, Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, University de Chile. Santiago de Chile,

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Papers submitted to conferences and seminars

Factors Affecting the Success or Failure of Community Initiatives. In collaboration with K.Mathey. 5th Annual N-Aerus Conference. Barcelona
Políticas de Vivienda y Reducción de la Pobreza en los Países del Tercer Mundo: la Construcción de un Nuevo Paradigma, Latin American Seminar on Housing and Poverty. Buenos Aires.
Local Governance Models: Decentralisation and Urban Poverty Eradication. (Submitted to UNICEF Area Base Urban Development meeting, Egypt.)
The Other Environment: is There Another One? Architecture and Housing the Very Poor?, Asilah's Architecture Colloquium, Popular Settlements, Social Housing and Architectural Heritage: Forms of Consolidation in the Urban Pattern." Asilah, Morocco.
The Absentee Architect: Urban Poverty and Informal Housing. Examples from Latin America and other geographies, Asilah's Architecture Colloquium, Popular Architecture in Morocco, the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, Similarities and Variations. Asilah, Morocco.
Research on Non-Conventional Housing Policies in Venezuela: Preliminary Findings, International Conference on "The Management of Non-Conventional Housing Policies in the Third World". In collaboration with Fiori J. Institute of Industrial Economics, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and DPU, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Políticas de Vivienda Basadas en Auto-Ayuda en los Países Subdesarrollados, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Studies. National University of Engineering,. Lima, Perú.
Self-Help Policies in Latin America: the Cases of Venezuela, Brazil and Chile. In collaboration with Fiori, J; Harms, H and Mathey, K. International Conference on Urban Renewal and Housing for Low-Income Groups in Metropolitan Areas of Latin America. Technische Universitat, Hamburg-Harburg.
Social Determinants and Limits of Government Intervention in the Provision of Low-Cost Housing in Developing Countries, Institute of Housing Studies. BIE. Rotterdam.
The Return of the Squatters in Chile. Paper submitted to "Urbanization In Contemporary Latin America Seminar (UCLAS). DPU; Department of Geography UCL; Architectural Association Graduate School and International Institute for Environment and Development, London.
Self-Help Housing in the Third World: the Policies and the Politics. In collaboration with Fiori, J. Mimeo.
The Changing Problematic of Urban Social Studies. Instituto Universitario di Archittetura di Venezia.
The Politics of Collective Consumption: Self-Help Housing in Chile. UCLAS. London.
The Housing Queue, Chile 1958-1973. UCLAS, London.
The Role of the Informal Sector in Third World Countries. In collaboration with Fiori, J. DPU-AA Graduate School Symposium. London.
Mode of Production, Dependent Social Formations and the Social Production of Space. Some Analytical Propositions. UCLAS, London.
Housing Policies under Different Political Conditions. Chile 1958-1973. Research Studies Seminar. Bartlett School. UCL. London.
Conjunctural Analysis, Conjunctural Policies: the Missed Dimensions of Regional Planning. Zone/Fagligt Forum, Amsterdam
Anti-industrialization, the Non-Alternative for Development. International Sociological Association, Conference on Social Problems in Urban and Regional Development, Messina, Reggio Calabria.
The Analysis of Dependence. British Association for the Advancement of Science. Annual meeting, University of Surrey

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