New Book (2020): 'Fetishism and the Theory of Value; Reassessing Marx in the 21st Century' (Desmond McNeill)

McNeill, D., 2020
"Fetishism and the Theory of Value; Reassessing Marx in the 21st Century”
Palgrave MacMillan History of Economic Thought Series, Palgrave/Macmillan, London, UK



"This book provides a compelling account of the qualitative nature of Marx’s value theory, drawing upon a wide range of sources. The relevance for contemporary thought and debates is expertly addressed ranging, for example, over the role of value in understanding the environment and financialisation. Discussion throughout is extraordinarily accomplished, well-written, well-informed, a pleasure to read, insightful and of considerable synthetic originality, whilst also connecting the abstract conceptualisation of value to contemporary scholarship and issues."
-Robert H. Wade, Professor of Global Political Economy, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.

“Desmond McNeill’s deep and broad learning brilliantly illuminates his exegesis of Marx’s relevance to our understanding of the contemporary capitalist world of neo-liberalism. His application of the themes of fetishism, value, and rent to the understanding of financialization and the plundering of nature are subtle, lucid, and unsurpassed. If I had to choose a single ‘local-tracker’ to help me navigate the contemporary world system, he might well be the best guide. “
- Ben Fine, Emeritus Professor of Economics, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, UK.

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