Elizabeth RILEY

Elizabeth Riley, a geographer and social development specialist, is now an independent researcher and editor. From 1998 to 2003 she was a member of the academic staff of the DPU initially as a Research Fellow, Lecturer and ultimately Director of the MSc programme in International Housing Studies.

She started her research career in Mexico and Brazil, working for the international NGO, MegaCities, researching and compiling a database of innovative urban development projects in Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro. From 1994-2000 she undertook her PhD at the DPU, with fieldwork in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, following which she was appointed the Lead Researcher on the DPU’s DFID-funded research projects. She also taught the MSc modules on Social Policy and Theory, going on to develop and teach new modules on the MSc in International Housing Studies, while also managing a major international research project on Building Urban Partnerships: Communities and Communication, a comparative analysis of Nairobi, Colombo and Rio de Janeiro.

In 2003, she became an independent researcher and editor, undertaking research work on diversity and equality for Dumfries and Galloway Council, Scotland; on incremental housing policy and practice for the Cities Alliance; on the development and history of the city of Kaduna, Nigeria, for the University of Westminster; and on practical techniques for participatory governance in poor urban communities for Greengage Consulting. She has also copy-edited many books and journals for Practical Action Publishing, Earthscan and Oxford University Press, on microfinance, water, sanitation, conflict, disaster management, energy policy and NGO accountability.

Her recent publications include ‘The case for incremental housing’, Cities Alliance Policy Research and Working Papers Series (2011), and Communities and Communication: Building Urban Partnerships, ITDG Publications (2005), both with P. Wakely; ‘Favela Bairro and a new generation of housing programmes for the urban poor’, Geoforum (2001) and ‘Physical upgrading and social integration’, DISP 147 (2001), both with J. Fiori and R. Ramirez; and Implementing the Habitat Agenda: In Search of Urban Sustainability, DPU/DFID/UNCHS (2001), with S. Meijer et al.

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